It's time for our Winter Recital!

Reminders for Recital Day!

1. Please arrive at the beginning of your respective recital time.

2. When you arrive, check in with HSM/FSM staff to place your instrument backstage.

3. Plan to enter backstage two performance prior to your performance.

4. Introduce yourself and the song you will perform prior to beginning.

5. There will be flash photography. Don't let it distract you!

No food or beverage will be permitted in the auditorium.

FSM/HSM Winter Recital

Sunday, Feb 10th, 1-5pm

44 S Oviatt St

Hudson, OH

Recital Lineup

1pm Recital

Elena Flauto- Voice
Bailey Noonan- Guitar/Voice

Nadia Yang- Piano

Cecily Merrick- Piano

Dominic LaMarca- Guitar

Rhea Lal- Guitar/Voice

Hannah Bartels- Violin

Aidan Wagner- Guitar

Ethan Wagner- Bass

Lauren Dangel- Guitar

Gabby Correia- Guitar

Caitlin Thomas- Guitar

Ava Preston- Voice

Nick David- Drums

Ayden Stuckey- Violin

Ryan Wiseman- Guitar

Asa Bebber- Guitar

Beyond the Boundaries

3pm Recital

Logan Rapp- Guitar

Joseph Gorsuch- Guitar

Luke Konopka- Drums

Nate Loxley- Guitar

Will Loxley- Guitar

Colin Murray- Guitar

Halie Nitzche- Guitar

Maddie LeRouge- Voice

Jennifer Jesser- Guitar

Andy Shafer- Drums

Alex Cheng- Piano

Recital participants will receive a 10% off coupon to Yours Truly for February 10th. You can celebrate your performance with a delicious meal at Yours Truly!