What does it mean to have gratitude, a grateful heart, or be truly grateful for what we are receiving. Does it mean to be vulnerable, or is it meaning to bring connection to another, or is it to raise the vibrational consciousness. For me, it means living in a vulnerable place of the unknown. Showing up or step into the unknown, to not know what will occur - the unpredictability of how our actions may impact another, and not worry or expect to receive anything in return.

How can we be anything but grateful for being here today. Yet some never get to that place. We're here to point others in the direction of true unadulterated gratitude from our hearts. It is not up to us to make them grateful, it's only up to us to point them in the direction of gratitude. Some continue to go through life never recognizing true gratitude. Whatever you believe the world is withholding from you, try for thirty days to give back to the world those things, whether it is praise or recognition or appreciation. First recognize the external abundance in our lives. The joy of a child, your dog or cat and their joy and the joy they give to us. Begin with a gratitude journal, recognize 5 things a day for what you have to be grateful for in your life. Be with your breathe, the aliveness in your body.

Outflow determines our inflow; the more we are grateful for what we have, the people in our lives, it changes the energetic flow back to us. Let's say money, if you have a spirit of lack, for instance, you will never feel like you have enough money. There will just never seem to be enough. But, money is merely the measure of the pleasure that you put into the lives of others. It's not the money that is evil, it's the love of money that creates the lack mentality and the lack of flow to us.

Relationships are probably one of the most measurable example of how gratitude can be seen. Jesus talks a lot about gratitude and the flow of gratitude within our lives. Life in it's fullness, that's what Jesus wanted for each of us. He wasn't talking about shopping malls, but the fullness of life that is within us. The more gratitude we have, the more fullness of life is given. The less gratitude we have, the more we will feel is being withheld from us.

Meditate on your heart felt level of gratitude, express to those in your life you feel an amazing amount of gratitude for their contribution to you. This all goes beyond, buying the coffee for someone behind you in the Starbucks or Dutch Bros line. Look around you today, this Thanksgiving Day as you spend time with them. If you've been left behind, look in the mirror and ask yourself how you may have gotten to that place, then ask how to correct it.

May your day be full, with thankfulness in our lives and in our hearts for all we have to offer the world.

I Love you all and I'm so very blessed and grateful for each of you in my life.

With a truly grateful heart,


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