Fulton Focus

For the parents and patrons of the Fulton School District

September 28, 2018

A message from the Superintendent

Dear FPS Parents and Guardians,

For the past three years, our district participated in a Missouri Foundation for Health grant, titled “Shared Service for Mental Health Assessment, Counseling, and Consulting in the School Setting” partnering with the Missouri School Boards’ Association and the University of Missouri. Due to the passage of Proposition K, we are able to continue and enhance student support services.

The goals remain to:

1. Increase teacher capacity to promote students’ social-emotional development and address areas of concern in their classroom

2. Increase parent engagement regarding their child’s social-emotional development.

3. Improve identification, referral, and treatment of students in need of social-emotional supports within tiered systems of support.

Fulton 58 is continuing to refine the process of providing social-emotional support. Specifically, the district is working to directly link services to the assessed needs of our students. The goal of this system is to provide all students with timely and targeted interventions based on the results of universal screening tools.

Universal screening helps school staff to determine potential needs for enhanced student support. These screening assessments are typically administered to all students two or three times per year. The use of universal screenings refines and strengthens our efforts to help all of our students be successful by allowing us to take positive and preventative measures as early as possible. The results will be used to provide identified students with mentoring, social skill building, and other supports to help them engage positively in learning. You will be notified if your student is selected for participation in an intervention program and will have the opportunity to determine if participation is appropriate for your child at that time.

Teachers will complete the Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBERS) for FPS students in their classroom. Teachers at Fulton Education Center will complete the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) for FPS preschool students in their classroom. The DECA also provides social-emotional learning strategies linked to the screening results. Students in grades 2-12 will also have the opportunity to complete a self-report measure called the MySAEBRS. Please see additional information about the screening and screeners below.

Screening tools are available at your school for your review. Please contact your child’s school counselor if you have questions about your child’s participation or would prefer your child not participate in the screening. Thank you for your willingness to assist FPS in refining a system of student supports that is linked directly to data. This will ensure that each of our students has the opportunity to receive the assistance they need.


Jacque A. Cowherd, Ed.D.


Information: Fulton Mental Health Screening 2018-2019

The Fulton Public School’s District School Mental Health Team will be conducting a voluntary district-wide mental health screening this fall. The purpose of the screening is to identify social-emotional supports to help all Fulton students be successful. All information collected through the screening will be kept confidential. Screening tools are not diagnostic. Rather, screening data will be used to identify students who may benefit from additional assessment or supports for emotional or behavioral problems. As part of the screening process, teachers in all buildings will complete a brief assessment of students’ social, academic, and emotional behavior. Students in the middle and high school will also complete a brief behavioral self-assessment. Participation in the screening is completely voluntary: parents or guardians may notify their building administrator if they do not want their child to participate.

Why screen? Fulton School District is committed to helping all students be successful at school. The district already provides a variety of emotional and behavioral supports. Conducting a social-emotional health screening gives Fulton School District one more tool to best serve young people in this community. Screening data can help identify students who may need additional help and allows for earlier identification of possible problems. The screening also provides a snapshot of current social-emotional needs of students in the district to inform ongoing improvement efforts.

What screeners will be used? Teachers in all buildings will complete the Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (SAEBERS) for students in their classroom. Teachers at Fulton Education Center will complete the Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) for FPS preschool students in their classroom. Students in grades 2-12 will complete a self-report measure called the MySAEBRS.

Is the screening mandatory? No. Parents/guardians can request for their child not to participate in the screening process.

When and where will the screening take place? Teachers will complete the screeners during regularly-scheduled, district professional development in February. Students in grades 2-12 will complete the screeners in the fall, winter, and spring for progress monitoring. The first screener will be given the week of October 8th. Screeners will be completed online.

How long does the screening take? It is estimated that teachers will spend about 20-35 minutes completing the screening tool for students in their classroom. The self-report measure takes about 10 minutes to complete.

Where will the data be stored? Teachers and youth will complete the screeners online, so data from the screeners will also be saved in a secure file.

Who will have access to the results? Screening results will be used to identify Fulton students who may benefit from further assessment or supports. School personnel, including teachers, school counselors, teachers, and/or staff, will have access to student data. Results will be de-identified and shared more broadly at the district level to inform ongoing planning and improvement efforts.

2018 Fall Homecoming--Hornets Got Game!

What a fun week this has been! It's great to see all schools participating in the week-long celebration. The parade will begin at 3 p.m. this afternoon and will begin on Court Street. Students will be dismissed 90 minutes earlier than their normal release time so everyone has time to get to the parade route and ENJOY! The culminating activity will be the FHS Football Game vs Hannibal beginning at 7 p.m. tonight.

Below you will find examples of a week full of spirit and Hornet Pride! Thanks to the FHS Student Council for all their planning and hard work which made this week a huge success!

Fall Homecoming Court

From left: Shane Edwards, Mollie Huff, Evan Gray, Heidi Royer, Tyrese Vaughn, Haden Trowbridge
Big picture

Monopoly Monday--PJ Day

Double Trouble Tuesday--Twin Day

Wii Wednesday--Sports Attire

Thursday--FHS Battle of the Classes--Class Colors

Battleship Thursday--Wear your Camo!

Friday--Sorry Hannibal--BLACK AND GOLD!

Watch the FPS Facebook page for Black and Gold Friday pictures!