Job Interview Process

Cassie Pokorney

Before The Interview

There are a lot of things you should do to prepare for your job interview, one of them is going to bed early to get a good nights sleep, this helps you be alert and aware for the interview. Another very important thing to do before an interview is research the company, this shows that you actually care about the job you're applying for. Also, it would be extremely beneficial to prepare answers for some of the more difficult questions, along with this you should also prepare questions YOU have for the interviewer.
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During the Interview

5 Common Interview Questions and Tips on how to Answer Them

The first common interview question I'm going to talk about is "What is your greatest accomplishment?", when you're answering this question it's best to choose an accomplishment that applies to the job you're applying for. The answer to this question can also show the company that hiring you will bring something to the company.

The second question is "How do people describe you?", when answering this make sure you focus on qualities necessary for the job, also be sure not to ramble. This is a good question to have your answer prepared in advanced for.

Another common question is "Why should we hire you?", for this you should find the job description and take note of what you can already do for the job, if there are qualifications you don't meet you should explain how you're going to work to meet them.

A fourth commonly asked question is "What is your greatest weakness?", this question is also good to be prepared for, when answering this explain how you are working to overcome the weakness, don't overdo the answer, don't start telling stories about your weakness.

Finally, a fifth question is "Do you have any questions", answering this IS important. If you don't have any questions to ask it seems like you aren't really interested in working there. Ask things like "What is the work environment like here?".

Difficult Interview Questions: What is your biggest weakness? -

After The Interview

After the interview you should shake hands with the interviewer, also be sure to tell them thank you for the time and consideration. This shows respect and that you are grateful for the opportunity of possibly working for them.

Dress For The Interview

Women should make sure to wear a business-type suit, if you are planning to wear a skirt be sure it goes to the knee. The skirt also shouldn't be an everyday skirt, so no patterned or frilly skirts. Wear a business jacket and its fine to wear a colored shirt as an accent.

Both men and women should have well groomed hair and overall look professional.

Men should wear a well fitted suit, a tie, and a collared shirt.

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Interview Don'ts

  • Don't ramble or go off onto tangents, the interviewer isn't going to want to know your entire life story, just enough of it to get a sense of who you are and if you're a good fit for the job.
  • Don't stare-off into space while talking to the interviewer, eye-contact shows confidence which is a key trait interviewers look for
  • Don't think of the interview as an interview. It will make you a lot less nervous if you think of an interview as a conversation