Team Hill Update

DFES Title One, Jan. 14, 2016

The Revolution has begun!

In Social Studies this week, students have taken on the roles of Patriots, Loyalists and a group of undecided citizens. Today the undecided group listened to impassioned speeches from the loyalists and patriots as to why they should join each group. Our class also acted out what delegates actually do. Each table chose a delegate to represent their table group with ideas to make our class even better. After the delegates presented their ideas, we voted and agreed upon 3 things: 1) an extra recess 2) students could choose a seat at any table and 3) students can bring electronics on Jan. 22 (with parent permission of course).

As we take on the role of an active participant in the Revolutionary War, students are recording their thoughts and feelings through their diaries. I know that you will enjoy reading these when the simulation is complete!

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How do we impact water in our world?

This has been the driving question as we enter into our study of the weather and the water cycle. Students have participated in collecting weather data ( daily temperature, barometer and hygrometer readings) as well as experimenting with permeable and impermeable surfaces and the effect of run off water. Students in the picture above are building "roads" and structures with "impermeable" materials (duct tape) while covering up the permeable surface. They poured a cup of water (precipitation) on the duct taped sponge and then poured the water back in the cup to see how much permeated the sponge. Students had a clearer understanding of how highways, roads and parking lots take up permeable surfaces and makes it more challenging for run off water to find a place to go. Our class is inspired to make a difference and have a few ideas in the works! Stay tuned!

A few dates to remember

Jan. 15 and Jan. 18 No School

Jan. 22 Tag of Honor 11:05 in mini theater

Revolutionary War Test

Report cards issued

*Delegates approved "bring electronics to school day"

Feb. 9 Field trip to Koger Center and lunch at Ryan's

Canned Book Reports due

Please return the field trip forms as soon as possible so that we can finalize the details:)

Thank you!