For Sale: The Rare Isabeast

Asking Price: $0.05

All About the Isabeast

This is a once in a lifetime chance to have your very own Isabeast creature. She is thirteen years old, and likes eating chicken nuggets. This wild animal is not yet domesticated, so be very careful; she likes to bite! But be warned, she enjoys saying, "Beep beep, case closed, shut up." This can be very annoying so you may want to buy a muzzle for her. Finally, she likes to sleep in a cave.

What a steal! Just $0.05!!!

Some Necessities When Purchasing....

  • LOTS of chicken nuggets
  • Room for Isabeast to roam
  • Yarn for Isabest to play with
  • Clothes from Forever XXI for Isabeast to play dress up in

Buy the Isabeast before she gets shipped to the circus!

Disneyland Park

Pick the Isabeast up where she lives in Disneyland. Where is that? The Matterhorn Cave, of course!

One Last Fact

This is a picture of Isabeast's most distant ancestors, the yedi.