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Hearts Aflame For the Love of Christ

Dear Friends In Christ,

Never in a million years would I have ever guessed that we would one day be celebrating Easter morning mass together via Facebook? That sounds awful!!! What a disappointing time we are all going through right now. It seems everyday is filled with another, new layer of emotion and uncertainty. A few days ago Mrs. Jussel sent me an article that has really touched my heart and kept me on track. The author, Brook Anderson, is an accomplished photographer, writer and activist. I have no idea if she celebrates Easter, but her list spoke to me as a principal, wife, mother, and especially as a Christian. I have included the link to the actual article at the end of my letter. The author suggests six simple questions we might ask ourselves everyday while in our Quarantine:

  1. What am I GRATEFUL for today?

  2. Who am I CHECKING in on or CONNECTING with today?

  3. What expectations of “normal” am I LETTING GO today?

  4. How am I GETTING OUTSIDE today?

  5. How am I MOVING MY BODY today?

  6. What BEAUTY am I either creating, cultivating, or inviting in today?

Each question hits an area of our life that is actually divinely inspired by our Lord. Each area helps us to experience God’s gift of humanity. The media would tell us these areas help us stay “connected.” I can honestly say, at least for myself, prior to COVID-19 at least three out of the six items listed above were not daily priorities in our home.

God, in his infinite wisdom, is constantly using all things earthly to bring us back to all things heavenly. Easter is the season of new life, new chances. Over the next four days we will celebrate everything we profess each Sunday and believe as Christians.

“For our sake he was crucified under Pontius Pilate; he suffered, died and was buried. On the third day he rose again in fulfillment of the Scriptures.”

The last item on the “check list”, “What BEAUTY am I either creating, cultivating, or inviting in today?”, hit me especially hard. It reminded me that our society rewards hard work, but our loving God desires beauty … He designed us for movement … Wired us for love and gratitude. He wants us to check in on others, be grateful for our blessings, use our talents to create beauty, and then share it with the world around. I can humbly say that in the past 5-6 years of my life I am guilty of putting “hard work” and a “busy calendar” above getting outside, making sure my body is moving and exercising every day, and creating beauty only when I had “the time.”

God does not create suffering. He allows mankind to have free will. Sin, suffering, and loss are often the consequence of the choices we make. To me, my time in quarantine has been a tough reminder of God’s plan, His mercy, and our human resilience. Don’t get me wrong, if you let me out of quarantine tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain, but I would certainly bring with me the experiences of gratitude for the items that I easily took for granted just a few weeks ago.

During this year’s Easter Triduum, let’s unite our own pain and suffering with Christ’s suffering on the cross. Together let’s pledge to have faith in God’s plan, just as Christ did. Like our Savior, let’s push through the pain and suffering of Good Friday, with our eyes fixed on the joy and celebration of Easter Sunday. Knowing and believing the sacrifices we make today will be rewarded with new life and restored vision in the end.

With a Grateful Heart,

Jodie Maddox, Principal, St. Joseph School

Coffee Talk with Mrs. Maddox!

I'd love to touch base with a few parents and visit about how things are going. Let's have coffee!!! I'm hosting a Zoom meeting on April 20th, please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

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Student Supplies & Personal Belonging Pick Up

Friday, April 17th, 8am-5pm

11505 Johnson Drive

Shawnee, KS

Each family will have an opportunity to come pick up personal belongings that were left in classrooms/lockers on Friday April 17th. Please carefully read the instructions below.

1) Each family will need to make a sign that can be easily seen in your car window. The top line should have the family's last name written in BIG letters. The next lines should include the children's first names, teacher and grade, and their class # (if they are in a primary grade).

Please see example provided below.


Halle - 1B - #19

Mira - 4S - #20

Emery - 6A - #20

Amaya - 8Z

2) Place the sign in the front right side of your windshield.

3) Enter the circle drive like morning pick up from Flint Street.

4) You must REMAIN in your car. All items have been bagged and labeled, they will be brought to your car.

5) Please come ONLY during your scheduled pick up window. Please see the list below. The pick up times are in alphabetical order by family's last names.

Friday April 17th - Supply Pick Up

8:00 - 9:30 am - Abarca - Cruse

9:30 - 11:00 am - Cunningham - Hernandez

11:00 - 12:30 pm - Higgs - Lopez

12:30 - 2:00 pm - Loredo - Novosel

2:00 - 3:30 pm - Nunnink - Slater

3:30 - 5:00 pm - Smith - Zavala

Nurse's Notes

Click HERE for how to teach your children about COVID-19. Parents should view any information or videos before allowing their child(ren) access to assure it is at their level of understanding

Donna Lowther BSN, RN

St. Joseph School Nurse

913-631-7730 ext. 4526

Counselor's Corner

Dear St. Joseph Families:

What a surreal time we are in! I hope you are all doing well and staying healthy! I hope you are finding a routine that works to give you time for school, work/employment, and FUN for your family. I think my family has found one and it seems to be working so far (just don’t ask my sophomore how it is working for her).

There has been so much good information out there to help us and our kids manage this time in our lives that I have decided not to reinvent the wheel. I would like to share with you, though, some resources that I have found helpful and you can choose what might work and be helpful for your family. Due to copyright laws, I am not able to forward or post or send the information to you so you will need to sign up for some of the newsletters/sites to receive the information - but it is all FREE (and you will be able to unsubscribe at any time).

Boystown – sign up to receive a ‘Daily dose of Digital Support’ along with a daily mental health booster at

Boystown – sign up to receive a Free E-book “How to parent an anxious child” at

Bright Futures Counseling – sign up to receive access to their free resource library which includes at home activities to manage stress (K – 2 & 3 – 5) at

I included an article from Childmind Institute on Anxiety and Coping with the Coronavirus in the eupdate last week. It talks about mindfulness as a strategy and tool to use in the face of anxiety and stress. The resources I have included in this letter include many mindful activities to do for yourself and your kids. Please reach out with questions or concerns.

Now the exciting part, if you would like to join my Google Classrooms where I will post optional activities for the kids to do, K – 2 class code is 4zyhyny, 3 – 5 class code is b6ftkfg and MS is xohick2

I miss all the smiling faces and the wonderful hugs! Until we are able to see each other again, be well and be safe!


Cindy Jussel, LMSW

St. Joseph School Counselor

Morning Prayer, Mission Statement, End of Day Prayer, and Pledge

Morning Prayer

Heavenly Father we thank you for this brand-new day. May all of our thoughts, words, and actions be pleasing to you today. May we treat one another as you treat us with love and forgiveness. We thank you for our countless blessings and pray for those people throughout the world who are less fortunate. We ask this through Jesus Christ, Your Son, who has sent us His Holy Spirit. Amen

Mission Statement

The St. Joseph school community is dedicated to a Catholic environment where we realize our unique potentials while we learn, live, and model Christ's teachings preparing academically and spiritually for this life and the next.

End of the Day Prayer

Please join us in saying this prayer at the end of the day.

Dear Saint Joseph our patron saint help us to work for a better education and to increase our faith and love in God our father. Thank you for the priests and teachers who guide us through our search of knowledge. Dear Saint Joseph help preserve our Catholic school. Amen.

Plant Sale

Way to go! The Plant Sale was a huge success! Thank you to everyone!

The Plant Sale pick up day is still May 1st - there might be changes to that day but more details to come. We will get the checks deposited soon. If you have any questions regarding anything about the plants or your order please contact Shannon Foley at or 913-302-8505.


Packaged School Supplies for Next Year

You can purchase school supplies for next year starting now! All parents have to do is put the school zip in (66203) and it will give them a list of schools to choose from, and they just order from there!

Take-Out Tuesday- Give and Get

Interactive Flyer- different take out options that support our school!

Calendar of Events

April 9

Live stream Holy Thursday Service at 7pm

(Both can be accessed at Church Facebook Page or Church Website)

April 10

Good Friday No School

Stations of the Cross- 3pm Lives Stream (Accessed at Church Facebook Page or Church Website)

Live stream Good Friday Service at 7pm (Accessed at Church Facebook Page or Church Website)

April 11

Easter Vigil- 8pm

(Accessed at Church Facebook Page or Church Website)

April 12

Easter Sunday

Masses 7:30am, 9am, and 10:30am

(Accessed at Church Facebook Page or Church Website)

April 13

Easter Monday Hallelujah! No School

April 14

Take Out Tuesday

April 15

All School Mass, 8:15AM (Accessed at Church Facebook Page or Church Website)

April 16

PTO Meeting, 7pm- meeting code will be texted to families that night

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