Preparing iPad for Summer Storage!

Remove iCloud and 4 Digit Passcode

Sign Out of iCloud

It is very important that users sign out of iCloud before returning the device. Even if a device is reset, the user will stay connected through the cloud if the user does not sign out!

* Directions may vary slightly based on iOS versions/updates

Tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out

Tap Sign Out > Delete from My iPad > Enter your Apple ID password > Turn Off

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Forgot Apple ID Password?

Apple ID Usernames should be district email address. If you forgot your password, go to . Reset password by email and if email is not coming through, check Junk or Clutter email folders.

Remove 4 Digit Passcode

Settings > Scroll and Tap Passcode > Turn Passcode Off

Enter 4 digit Passcode to turn off

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