Makeover Niche Rebranding Sup-Class

Breakthrough Idea for 2023 for Non-Marketing Managers/ CMOs

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INTRO: The New Bestselling Breakthrough Idea for 2023

QUESTION: Can you introduce yourself (i.e. your Personal Branding), your company, and your product in 3 words or less?

ANSWER: IF you can introduce yourself in 3 words or less, you become incisive, clear and focused on WHO you truly are i.e. your purpose, passion, calling and destiny.

"3 Words Intro" aka "Descriptive Category" is your simplest, truthful, incisive adjective and the specific category to position any organization, product, services in the best light, and not forgetting your personal branding– in less than 3 words,” according to Robren, who coined this phrase. His own Descriptive Category is “The Ineffable Whisperer”. After using the #3WordsIntro Method, Robren's own writing had a major shift and transformation, his writing became way more incisive, intentional and inspirational.

BASIC SuperClass Outline (half day): 16 February (9:30am - 12:30pm) Hong Kong time

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ADVANCED SuperClass Outline (FULL day Face-to-Face in KL): 22 February (9:30am - 5:30pm) Kuala Lumpur time.

Past Attendees request for more personal coaching and reinforcements in this Advanced SuperClass with the key concepts of the BASIC SuperClass.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Branding & Marketing for Non-Marketing Managers & CMOs

Robren is looking for Business Owners/ CEOs/ Founders/ HOD/ CMOs who are ready and willing to discover their Descriptive Category. This is a life-changing event. Your communication and ways of being will become far more incisive and charismatic.

DON’T apply IF you are not serious about your career, character and purpose.
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THE SPEAKER: ROBREN, The Inventor of "Makeover Niche Rebranding".

He is known as "CEO-Celebrity Whisperer", "Father of Asian Firewalking". He has trained over 250,000 students. He spent over $100 million on creating brand marketing and A&P budgets while working as a Copywriter for 2 top ad agencies, Leo Burnett Hong Kong and Wunderman Thompson. He has been widely featured in the media such as TVB, AWSJ, CNBC, SCMP, The Star.


This will probably be THE most useful & most important opportunity-changing Superclass you'll ever attend in 2023. Or your money back.

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Rave Reviews from "Makeover Niche Rebranding" Attendees

"I didn't realize how much business I lost until I used Omada Business Card Redesigning." ~ Top Real Estate Agent

"I never cared about smelling good. Now I get compliments for my fragrance nearly every day. It totally soften my tough badass image. Robren you are my first fragrance and image mentor." ~ Male CEO of public-listed brand

"3 Words Intro and identifying my Niche Positioning were my two most important business decisions I ever made in my life. Thank you, thank you Robren!" ~ American Hollywood Producer

"I'm so grateful to have discovered Makeover Rebranding right before I graduated. I got my first dream career by using the One Page Everything Presentation." ~ Monash University graduate

"I now introduce anything in 3 words or less. It's difficult at first, but I up my business by 35%"

~ Million Dollar Roundtable Leader

"Robren, you seriously charge way too little for this breakthrough idea. But I know you want to help people to recover from Covid-19. I salute your generosity." ~ 5 Star Swiss Hotelier

"Ethical Entrepreneurship was not in the outline, but I counted 5 key concepts not listed in the outline. Please digress more Robren, our Yoda Sifu." ~ Sustainability Consultant in an NGO

Date of the next "Makeover Niche Rebranding" SuperClass: 


16 February 2023 (Thu.) 9:30 am - 12:30 pm (Hong Kong time), or
15 February (Wed.) 5:30 pm - 8:30 am (Los Angeles time)

NOTE: Special Covid-Recovery Offer: First 30 pax at US$65 each (standard price: US$195).
Group of 2 or more: US$45 each.


22 February 2023 (Thu.) 9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Maximum: 20 seats: US$279 each (standard price: US$835)

Group of 2 or more: US199 each

NOTE: Proceeds for superclasses will go to "Support Youth Education" Used Laptop & Cash Donation CSR. Please support "Purple Youth CSR's" worthy cause for needy students.


Makeover Niche Rebranding MasterClass - by OMADA Rebranding Experts
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The Organizer: OMADA Worldwide, The Makeover Rebranding Consultancy

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Gearing Up for a Great Year Ahead in 2023

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