Third Grade Weekly

Sept. 16th

Important Events and Reminders

Monday 9-16: Dental Screenings
Thursday 9-22: Third Grade Data meeting (subs for afternoon)

Monday 9-26: No School!

Wednesday 9-28: September Birthday Principal's Lunch

Wednesday 9-28: Last Day of Fundraiser!

What's Going on in Third Grade?!


We are now full into our reading small groups! We're getting into our group books and working through strategies strong readers use every time they read. In whole group, we've read books that talk about theme/main idea and main character traits. Main characters are the ones who the action revolves around and who changes throughout the story! The THEME or MAIN IDEA is what the author wants you to remember, or the message. For example, the main idea in a text about Booker T. Washington was that he taught himself to read in the face of adversity -- in other words, OVERCOME OBSTACLES!


We've explored different addition strategies and created a few of our own this week! Many students stumbled across doing algebra on accident! WOW!!! When adding two numbers, it's helpful to use MENTAL MATH! Group the PLACES together first then regroup from there. For example, when adding 57 + 45:
5 tens and 4 tens gives you 9 tens
7 ones and 5 ones give you 12 ones
1 ten from your ones can go with the 9 tens to give you 10 tens, OR 100!
So your answer would be 102.

We will continue with addition strategies for the next week! Then we will move onto SUBTRACTION! Remember to be practicing these mental math strategies at home :)


Third grade has CRUSHED leads and practiced putting capital letters and punctuation in their writing. We then moved onto actually writing the different pieces to their stories. We started with our beginnings. Beginnings of stories always include:

-An interesting lead



Next, we will continue with our MIDDLES. This is the bulk of our story! Students will practice writing their stories STEP-BY-STEP, including conversations and sensory observations to make their story the best it can be!


We blew through weather quickly (and will continue it throughout the year) so we could get into our Project Lead the Way FORCE AND MOTION unit with Mrs. Price! Project Lead the Way is a collection of hands-on, experiment-based units that covers most of our science curriculum this year! Students will explore with magnets, weights, and other elements of force and motion throughout. We're so excited to begin this next week and continue to explore and discover throughout the year!

Jessica Ballard, Amber Gonzalez, Meghan Smith, and Alyssa Wilkey


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DON'T FORGET: Please bring HEALTHY snacks for your child! Chips and sweets will have to be saved for lunch or after school.