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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ January 22

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Thank you

I would like to thank our students, staff, and families for working so hard to be safe during these times so we can keep our schools open. Our students did an incredible job wearing masks, staying apart, and learning new routines - all while still engaging in learning. Our teachers and especially our custodian, Mr. Steiner, have done a great job. We have one more week of hybrid learning ahead. Full in-person learning starts on Monday, Feb 1.

Please be sure you have reviewed the newsletter sent last week about schedules, safety, and routines.

School starts at 8:30

Everyone needs to wake up earlier now than they did in virtual learning. School starts at 8:30 a.m. Please have students leave home early enough to make it to the correct entry door prior to 8:30. Students may actually come into the building at 8:20 and start eating breakfast.

Specials during Hybrid Weeks

Please note that your student will still attend live art, music, gym, library, and Social-Emotional Learning classes during hybrid learning. Please see communication from your student's classroom teacher about how and when to attend these classes. Students will need to log on from home on asynchronous days to attend these classes.

There is such a thing as free lunch

The USDA continues to ensure that all students get a free lunch through the end of this year. That means that you do not need to put any money in your child's lunch account. If you need to know what is on the menu, you can always find it on the district's website.

Safety Science

There is so much research being done lately about safety related to Coronavirus. Here are three top mitigation strategies and why they work:

1. Wearing a mask - Wearing a proper mask the right way reduces transmission of the virus via aerosols by up to 90%. That one thing is our single-most important strategy, no matter where you are.

2. Clean and change the air - Having fresh air and cleaning the air is next after mask-wearing. At Lakeview, we have installed ionizers in all vents, we have excellent filters in our system, we increased the number of air exchanges/hour, and added many air purifiers.

3. Washing hands - We all touch a lot of things every day. Touching a surface is not the problem. But we often bring our hands to our face (to adjust our mask, to rub our eyes, and so on). Washing hands continues to be one of the top strategies for keeping safe and healthy.

Bingo - thank you!

Thanks to everyone that joined us on Thursday night for virtual Bingo (live from Mr. Sepersky's living room). We had a fun time. Thank you to the Lakeview PTO for organizing the event, to teachers for prizes, and to Mrs. DeBruin and Mrs. Benn for their technology help. About 55 families joined us. We look forward to more events like this in the future, so stay tuned.

Valentine's Day & Birthdays

We really do not like to make our students sad, especially on days of celebration. Here are some things you need to know:

• Do not send edible birthday treats this year (no cupcakes, cookies, etc). They will not be passed out. I encourage you to instead consider purchasing a book or game for your child's classroom.

• If you choose to send anything for Valentine's Day, we will not consume any food in the classroom. For example, if you send prepackaged candy hearts, we will hand them out and they will be taken home. Do not send anything homemade and do not send anything store-bought that does not come individually pre-packaged.

• If you choose to send any cards or pre-packaged candy for Valentine's, please have your child bring it to school by Wednesday, February 10. Our teachers will quarantine all items for a day and hand them out at the end of school on Thursday, February 11 (since we do not have school on the 12th and Valentine's Day is a Sunday this year).

Fire & Safety Drills

During the week of January 25, all students will have a fire drill as well as a safety drill. This will happen for both Cohort A and Cohort B so that all students are prepared for emergencies.

What happens if ...?

Please read this letter which explains what will happen if ...

• A teacher tests positive for COVID-19 or needs to be quarantined for being a close contact

• A student in 4K-2nd grades tests positive

• A student in 3rd-5th grades tests positive

There are many variables, but please know that if we need to transition an entire class to virtual learning while the rest of the school remains in-person, we will take the steps needed to ensure safety.

Winter Conferences

Winter conferences will not be held on February 10 and 11 as originally planned. We will let you know when conferences will be scheduled.

ROAR Awards

Do you have a Lakeview staff member that you would like to nominate for a ROAR Award? Our PTO graciously recognizes staff members that you nominate and one of the nominations each month receives a gift certificate. Your kind words mean a lot to our staff, so please use this link to submit a ROAR Award.

Learn about reading and writing

Lakeview uses a very recognized curriculum for reading and writing from Columbia University in New York called Units of Study. The creators of this program often host online sessions. Here is a link to free sessions for families on Thursday, January 28 from Noon-2pm. There are many mini-sessions to learn about literacy, how to help your child at home with reading, and how your child's school teaching reading and writing. (Please note the website says 1-3pm eastern time.)