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Home Remedies for Lice

Home remedies for lice are a common form of lice alternative treatment that has been around for a long time. They come in a wide variety of forms that include powders, liquids and shampoos.
The remedies themselves vary but usually revolve around one of three major approaches used to treat lice, i.e., natural remedies, home remedies and drugs.
Each approach has its benefits and drawbacks. For those who have decided to use home remedies for lice treatment, it's important to be aware of these pros and cons. If you want more details about home remedies for lice treatment, you can check it online at the Novokid web page.
The main reason most people prefer using home remedies for lice treatment is that they're much safer than medications and shampoos. Many parents have expressed concern over the dangers of medications that would normally be used to treat head lice, such as Regaine and Sealy's Nylar.
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Although most home remedies for lice do not contain chemicals, some chemicals have been found in certain remedies, such as those for head lice shampoos.
Apple cider vinegar and olive oil have been known to help kill head lice and nits. This treatment involves applying vinegar and olive oil to the scalp and hair as a solution.
The vinegar is applied several times a day for a week or two, with the maximum application times of evening and morning. The olive oil is then rinsed out and left to sit in the hair for at least a few hours before being brushed or vacuumed.
Another treatment involves using pure tea tree oil and mixing it with a solution made from the bleach. For the best effect, this remedy should be applied to the entire head and scalp. After the initial treatment, about once a month, a maintenance shampoo should be added to the mixture.
The solution should always be used in conjunction with a shampoo meant for lice. The combination of the two remedies works to kill and remove head lice and nits while reducing the risk of future infestations.
Natural remedies should also be used in combination with over-the-counter shampoos for head lice treatment. Tea tree oil and other natural oils have been known to help with head louse problems.
There are many different natural oils that can be used for this treatment; however, tea tree oil is the most popular. This natural remedy helps to get rid of lice by killing the lice and their eggs.

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