Henry Ford

By: Aahil Patel and Ross Benway

Opening Statement

Henry Ford was an automotive manufacturer that perfected the assembly line and created a car affordable for the common man. He also provided better working conditions like the 8 hour work day and livable wages to his employees. His accomplishments changed the lives of the working class.
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The reason that Henry Ford Built a car is because he saw the opportunity to make money and after the first time A.L.U.M. told him that he could not sell his car I think that he also wanted to show them that he was not going to stop and he will sell his car. The reason he perfected the assembly line is because it made the process of making a car a lot faster, it also made a safer work environment and he gave better pay.


Henry ford was an automobile manufacturer who created a car that was affordable to the common man and he also perfected the assembly line which meant that he could build 15 cars per day unlike any other manufacturer at that time. He also provided a proper pay to his workers and only had a 9-5 work day.

Assembly line

The assembly line was basically a long line of people who have a certain job on a part of a product. The assembly line was one great thing that Henry Ford perfected because It has revolutionized not just how we make cars but nearly everything that we make


Henry ford left a very large legacy on the working class because of his assembly line and how he gave a livable pay wage to his employees. He also started a real work day and payed overtime to his employees. One other thing that has carried on is the assembly line which makes the process of making a lot of things easier and faster.