How to be Safe in the Art Class

when you are using clay in the

materiel you need to work with clay

you well need to work with clay is

. plastic mat to make shore that your art station

. a cup of water so your clay does not dry up

. clay to mold to make a clay to make a scheduler

.clay tools to sculpt the clay and to make lines

ways to and not to use clay

DO keep it out of your mouth

DO not cut your self with the tools

DON'T point the tools at your self and fellow classmates

DON'T like the clay to water it use your cup of water

the things you need to work with clay

the finish result of your clay

when you are done with your clay you

put it in the kelm to heed it up then ween it is dry you can paint it to make it colorful

the kelm you put your clay in

the kelm is like a oven but a lot hotter so let our art teacher put it in for you because then you well not get brunt
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