Thomas Jefferson

by Maddy Pate

why his values make him a leader.

Thomas Jefferson’s values were self-reliance, intelligence, honesty, and hard work. He was a gentlemen of the most able and intelligent “Founding Fathers.” He was a strong believer in personal liberty and responsibility. Thomas Jefferson’s values are what makes him the type of person who should lead.

Why I would chose Jefferson.

Personally I would choose Thomas Jefferson. The reason I would chose him is because I think you need to work for what you want instead of just getting money without working. Also the Republicans were well organized at the state and local levels, the federalist however were disorganized, and they suffered a bitter split, split between their two major leaders. Which was President Adams and Alexander Hamilton. Thomas Jefferson was Vice president and defeated incumbent president John Adams
Thomas Jefferson was a republican and I believe that he was right because he worked for what he wanted. Also he was a leader by leading the party. This is why I would chose Thomas Jefferson .