Finalizing the Group

Daniels/Ducey Wedding



Now that all the guests have paid in full, Sunwing Vacations will soon release all e-documents to me. This usually occurs about 28 days prior to departure date.

At that time, I will be emailing all of your e-documents to you individually. I would ask that once received, you take a moment to review them and confirm the following:

  • Names are spelled correctly
  • Names appear exactly as they do on your passport
  • Your departure gate is reflected correctly
  • Your room category is reflected correctly

Once you confirm back to me that all is correct, I will print off all documents and deliver them to each of you together with your ticket jackets/luggage tags.

*If you haven't already done so, Please provide me with the mailing address to which you would like your ticket package delivered.*


The Group rooming list has been sent to both the resort and Sunwing, now that that all final payments have been received. I have made note of any special requests with regard to room location, size of bed, cribs, etc. PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER that these requests can NEVER be guaranteed and are always subject to availability/occupancy at the time of your arrival. This is a large property with an average of three to five groups on hand at any time so you can imagine that each group also has submitted their individual requests and it is simply not possible to accommodate all requests submitted.


PASSPORTS should be valid for a period of six months past the scheduled departure date from Cuba.


Please let me know if any of you are interested in insurance. I would be happy to provide you with a quote. Always check with your credit card company to confirm what coverage is and is not included prior to your departure. TravelOnly offers insurance through Manulife Insurance.

What to Expect upon Arrival

  • When you arrive at the Varadero airport, you must first follow the IMMIGRATION sign. The Cuban Customs area is composed of several short enclosed halls with a booth where the Customs Officer is sitting behind a tall counter. Most Custom Officials speak some English. You have to go to the booth one person at a time, but young children can go through with an adult.

  • the Officer will check your passport and Tourist Card. The Tourist Card is provided by your airline. If you don't have one, you will have to purchase one from the immigration officials for 20CUC.

  • As of May 1, 2010 every person traveling to Cuba is required to have health insurance coverage, so you may be asked to show a proof of medical coverage. This is a random check. If you do not have coverage, you will be required to purchase it from the Cuban authorities.

  • The Customs Officer will NOT stamp your passport (unless you ask for it). They only stamp the Tourist card. He/she will detach and keep the first half of your Tourist card. You have to turn in the second half when you exit Cuba so it is VERY important not to lose the second half or you will have to pay 15CUC to replace it and it could be a long and complicated process.

  • Once your passport and tourist card have been checked, the Custom Office will then press a buzzer button to unlock the door beside you. Exit the booth through the door.

  • The next step is to process to the scanning process where both you and your carry-on baggage will be scanned in the x-ray machine and metal detector to be sure you are not carrying arms, fresh food or any other illegal material. All checked luggage is also being scanned in another area and sniffed by drug-sniffing dogs.

  • Proceed to the nearby carousel to collect your luggage. Keep your passport, tourist card and baggage tags handy as you may have to show them when exiting the baggage area.

  • If you have nothing to declare, proceed to the Exit doors. The Exit Customs Officer will check to see if any of your bags were marked after X-ray scanning to notify them that a bag should be manually checked. Then you can exit the terminal.

Once you have passed through Customs you will proceed outside to meet your bus. There will be a Sunwing Representative standing there to greet you and direct you to the correct bus which will take you to your resort. The same bus will come and pick you up at the resort on your day of departure and deliver you back to the airport.

Now it's time to enjoy the fabulous sun and vitality of Varadero, Cuba. Have Fun!

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