BCCS Community Update

March 13, 2020


Based on last night's ordering of school closures by the Governor, we want to provide you with as much information as possible. Many of you have reached out to us, and we appreciate it. Everything has moved very fast with this over the last 48 hours, and it will continue to move fast. We will provide updates over the next few days/weeks as needed. Just a reminder that this was done as a precautionary measure to try and reduce the spread of this virus.

If you are having symptoms we do not want you to visit the buildings and take the proper precautions as suggested by the Sanilac County Health Department below..

Governor Whitmer Executive Order (one of many newspaper articles)

Governor Whitmer ordered schools to be closed until Monday, April 6. The Governor made the school closures effective for this coming Monday, however we took the precaution to close today. We did this to give our administrative team the time today to make the proper decisions to best support our students and Brown City Community.

Statement/Guidance from Sanilac County Health Department

Meals for Students

We will be providing meals for all children 18 and under during this time. These meals will be a pick-up option outside the elementary cafeteria on the dates listed below. We will be providing meals for multiple days, and there will be both a breakfast and a lunch options.

  • Monday, March 16--We will provide up to 200 children 3 days worth of breakfast and lunch meals. These will be provided on a first come basis from 4:00-6:00pm.

  • Thursday, March 19--We will be providing meals from 4:00-6:00pm.

  • Week of March 23--Day(s) times to be provide by the middle of next week.

These meals are available for ALL children 18 or under. The government has made these meals available to ALL children at this time, not just those that currently qualify for Free/Reduced Lunch. This is a great service for all of our families during the next couple of weeks, and it helps all of you during this time away from the normal school setting.

We are not sure what the response will be for this. Mr. Kohler has the food service staff preparing for 200 children on Monday night, and it will be on a first come basis. If we have a great response for the meals, we will prepare more meals for the other distribution dates.

Curriculum Enrichment

Our teaching staff is already working on some curriculum enrichment for the students during this time away from our normal routine. These enrichment opportunities may be available online or as paper copies. The students/families will be able to stop in both the elementary office and high school office to pick these up on Monday from 4:00-6:00pm or Tuesday from 9:00-10:00am.

We will share more information on enrichment options throughout the next few weeks.

Student Belongings

Students will be able to pick up any belongings or educational materials from their lockers on Monday from 4:00-6:00pm or Tuesday from 9:00-10:00am. Parents can also use this time to pick-up medications from either office (for their child) if needed.


Most of our communications to you over the next few weeks will be via the School Facebook page. We will also do some All Calls, if the announcement is shorter in length.

Marking Period

This obviously impacts the end of our marking period. We will make a decision on this as we get closer to spring break, but the marking period will definitely extend a little into April at least. Please communicate this to your child. If they have missing work, please have them get it from their lockers on Monday or Tuesday.


We have communicated with our employees and fully intend to compensate them appropriately during the 3-week school closure. We value our employees and all they do for our students and community, and want to make sure they do not suffer any financial hardship during this time.


All athletic events/practices are canceled until at least April 6. This includes normal practices and open gym type settings. This also includes all outdoor or indoor practices. We know this may make it tough on coaches and players, but we trust that the AD's will work to make sure it is not too stressful on your teams after break.

Michigan Virtual and College Courses

Students taking these courses will need to complete them by the previously assigned deadlines. For those high school students registered in these courses, we will have chromebooks available for you to check-out on Monday/Tuesday (if needed).

Special Education Services

If your child receives special education services, and you had a meeting scheduled (during this closure period), we will be in contact with you. We still must attempt to meet our deadlines. We can conduct these meetings via phone if necessary.