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December 11, 2015

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SHS Student gets Welding Position

On a job shadowing day in middle school, Tyler Mills first held welding equipment in his hands.

“[The owner] let me weld. That’s the first time I ever welded,” Mills said.

Little did he know, the job shadowing was a foreshadowing of a career in welding. The Scottsburg High School senior was recently offered a welding position at Thomas Plastic Machinery Inc.

“I was at a buddy’s house working on a car. I left a weld at his house, and his dad saw it. His dad asked him who did the weld and wanted to talk to me,” Mills said.

The discussion about Mills’ welding ability turned into a job for him at the Scottsburg-based, family-owned business.

“I actually get to build stuff,” Mills said.

Starting in Mills’ eighth-grade and freshman year, Mills became increasing more interested in welding after that job shadowing day. His stepfather, who fabricates and welds often, worked with him and taught him some of the beginnings Mills needed to be successful later on, and his father encouraged him as he went along.

“I like building stuff, and it be useful. Welding is part of it,” Mills said.

From those rudimentary lessons, Mills took advantage of the offerings that Scottsburg High School provided through the Prosser program. By attending Prosser for half of the school day, students are able to receive additional technical, trades, and vocational training for careers in 24 different career programs, including Manufacturing. The students, who attend Prosser through SHS’ participation in the program, can receive college credits and national certifications relevant to their future careers.

“If they didn’t offer Prosser, I wouldn’t be where I am working,” Mills said.

For the last two years, Mills has been learning, growing, and honing in his welding skills. He said he spends most of his time in prepping metal, making sure it fits and is clean, and doing math — important steps before one begins making the weld.

“If it’s not together, it won’t fit right,” Mills said.

In the last two years at Prosser, Mills said learned how to do it all — shielded metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, and gas metal arc welding. He even learned how to do it despite being born with arthrogryposis, where a child has joint contractures.

“My muscles did not keep up with my body in the womb,” Mills said.

Because of his condition, Mills had to learn a different way on how to do everyday things and how to make welding work for him.

“I do a lot of stuff different. I hold my welder in a way that most people would say is wrong. But, my welds are just as good. I won a weld off last year at Prosser.”

However, he does not let the arthrogryposis define him or limit him.

“I think everything’s mental. You have to tell yourself you can do it,” Mills said. “Just because you look like you can’t do something, doesn’t mean you can’t. My parents were told I wouldn’t do anything when I was born. They didn’t listen to that.”

Semester Finals

SHS will end the first semester on Friday, December 18th. Students will have semester finals beginning on Wednesday morning. We are including a schedule for parents and students. Most classes will have a semester final exam, skills test or final project. Students take time to study for the final to finish on a high note.

The Finals Schedule is also in the SHS Facebook Page and the Daily Announcements.

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2015-16 Homecoming Court

The student council conducted elections for this year's homecoming court. Homecoming is January 7th and 8th. The Warriorettes play on the 7th and the Warriors take the court on the following night.

The results for the Warriorette King Court are:

Senior - Lucas Brown

Levi Elliott

Eric Eskew

Kameron Hollan

Evan Howser

Juniors - Isaiah Walker

Dustin Yocum

Sophomores - Dalton Baker

Christian Smiley

Freshman - Kevin Zhang

The results for the Warrior Queen Court are:

Senior - Lindsey Boswell

Emily Howser

Kasen Mount

Ariel Robbins

Victoria Rone

Juniors - Kelsey Barrett

Emma Waskom

Sophomores - Marly McNeely

Jessie Silakowski

Freshmen - Abigail Johanningsmeier

Alli Thompson

Warrior Wrestling

The Fugate Invitational was a huge success over the weekend, Scottsburg wrestling team placed 2nd and went 8-1, losing to the Seymour Owls, who captured 1st place while Eastern Pekin came in 3rd.

The warriors went 4-0 on Friday night.

Scottsburg 50, Jennings County 30

Scottsburg 60, Paoli 18

Scottsburg 48, New Washington 33

Scottsburg 60, Switzerland County 21

The second day of wrestling:

Scottsburg 45, Eastern Pekin 30

Scottsburg 18, Seymour 57

Scottsburg 66, Crawford County 18

Scottsburg 48, Southwestern 24

Scottsburg then went on to beat Salem. The wrestling team record now stands at 12-3.

Though the Wrestling team performed extremely well on the wrestling mat, the Scottsburg wrestling community came together and worked equally as hard to host such a well organized event for ten teams to compete. The parents working the concessions worked endlessly during the week and on both days of wrestling, so that wrestling fans can enjoy good food while they enjoyed the wrestling matches.

We had Miss Kendall and her daughter along with a group of Scottsburg Middle School wrestlers (Jake, Blake, Avery, Jayden, Mason, and Destiny) run the five different scoreboards and no one messed up. All the team coaches and referees had nothing but praise for our timekeepers. They also complimented how good the food was in the hospitality room.

I received outstanding compliments from all coaches for our athletic trainer who was on the spot when there was some type of an injury (even during the lunch break he was needed.)
A huge Thank You, goes out to our Janitors: John, Linda and Polly for getting McClain Hall ready.

I am very proud of how our wrestling community came together and worked extremely hard to host such a big event and to have it ran smoothly with little to no glitches. Thank you to everyone who helped out.

Prosser Open House

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