2015 Year In Review

Marketing 1

Top Three Companies That Marketed Themselves In 2015

Adidas - After signing Kanye West, Adidas released the rapper's signature sneakers throughout the year. Each release was extremely limited creating hype over the sneaker line among sneaker collectors, enthusiasts, and resellers, who would normally flock to Nike and Jordan. This signifies that Adidas may be on track to compete with Nike by finally having a sneaker which can counter the hype and sales Nike and Jordan generate on a weekly basis.

Supreme - The streetwear company had a massive year with each collection of theirs selling out almost instantaneously. They have amassed a cult-like following in recent years, and capitalized on it last year with a collection consisting of clothing and accessories releasing each season. Each collection was kept a secret until a week or two prior to it's release, with details and sneak peeks of the collection appearing on Supreme's social media accounts, creating hype for the brand.

Apple - Apple had a great 2015 with the release of the iPhone 6S, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, and the retina display iMac. They had constant ads playing on popular TV channels, which displayed their new products along with their features. The advertisements played on the brand's very recognizable logo along with people enjoying their lives while using Apple products.

Best Products of 2015

1. Apple Watch

2. Samsung Gear VR Headset

Worst Products of 2015

1. Hoverboard

2. HTC One

Top Movies of 2015

1. Star Wars

Disney made sure to keep the plot of the new Star Wars film secret to create hype among Star Wars fans. This resulted in fans speculating and discussing what they believed would happen in the movie. Along with a seemingly endless amount of product tie-ins (Star Wars books, toys, socks, cereal, soap, coffee creamer etc.), nobody could go to a store without seeing a Star Wars related product. Then combined with the numerous TV spots and an excellent word of mouth, Star Wars ended up having the biggest opening weekend of all time and is likely to become the highest grossing film of all time as well.

2. Jurassic World

Jurassic World had many TV spots on different channels advertising different aspects of the movie. For example on a channel viewed by adults, Jurassic World ads would emphasize the horror of the film; whereas on a channel viewed by families, Jurassic World ads would emphasize the adventure of the film. This resulted in a large audience going to see the film, consisting of both adults, young adults, and families which gave Jurassic World the biggest opening of all time (until Star Wars would release later that year).

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer (Official)
Jurassic World - Official Trailer (HD)

Top Musicians of 2015

1. Future

For several years Future has been making hits but had been overshadowed by the bigger rappers featured on his songs. Determined to break out and become a star in his own right, Future set out to have a tremendous year releasing two mixtapes, a solo album, and a collaborative album with Drake. Each project garnered mass praise as he developed a loyal fan base, who would spread the word about the quality of his music throughout their social media pages. With each new project Future would continue to release free promotional singles throughout the year, never leaving his fans to grow tired of his nonstop yet quality music.

2. Travis Scott

Releasing several mixtapes which had been for the most part ignored by music listeners, Travis Scott knew he would have to create buzz for his debut album which he would go on to release in 2015. To begin the year Travis Scott released two free promotional singles featuring A-List artists which brought attention to his music. Throughout the first half of 2015, Travis would make numerous appearances at concert festivals, always promising a wild and reckless performance which would turn crowds into a frenzy, leaving concert goers interested in finding out more about the rapper. Over the summer, Travis would go on to release one of the biggest songs of the year, a single for his upcoming debut album titled Antidote. The single was certified platinum, peaking at #16 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, making Travis Scott a now well known rapper. Then in the fall, Travis Scott released his debut album, Rodeo, which featured many well known artists leading it to debut at #3 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart.

Best Songs of 2015

1. Drake - Hotline Bling

2. Kendrick Lamar - Alright

3. Future - March Madness

4. Skrillex & Diplo ft. Justin Bieber - Where Are U Now

5. The Weeknd - The Hills

New Years Resolutions

1. Eat Healthier

2. Spend More Time With My Family

3. Work Harder To Achieve Better Grades In School