Digital Citizenship

Going Places

Basics of Going Places

The topic Going places is about Geotagging. With the growth of the internet and technology, geotagging has grown to a point where it can become quite dangerous. Geotagging is taking a photo or form of media. A smart camera, phone or an item like these will save the time and date the media was taken. If you send a form of media to a computer or upload it to a social media site such as Facebook, it will show everyone the location where it was taken.


What is Geotagging?

Geotagging is a way of showing the location of your position by tagging yourself in a Photo, Video, Message, Websites, etc. An example of using geotagging is sending a message to a friend, uploading a photo onto social media like Facebook and Twitter. It has the capabilities of showing your latitude and longitude and the details of the photo when it was taken.

Dangers of Geotagging

Would you feel comfortable with someone knowing where you are? Do you feel safe with people knowing where your children are? Do you like it when people know your house is empty? NO. Geotagging can lead to many dangerous situations if not responded correctly. If you do not disable or know what you're doing with geotagging you ARE putting yourself or others in danger. Geotagging will allow people to find your pin point location, it can show the time it was taken showing where you were at the time.

Ways to Disable Geotagging on Facebook

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