The New Deal

By: Ashley Trueblood


A program designed to alleviate the problems of the Great Depression. New Deal policies focused on three goals in general: relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform.


* The laws passed significantly expanded the federal government’s role in the nation’s economy.

* Revived public confidence in banks

* Congress created the SEC to regulate the stock market, which helped prevent people with inside information about companies from “rigging” the stock market for their own profit.

* It aided other workers and attempted to stimulate economic recovery.

* Helped raise farm prices and put more money in farmers’ pockets.

* Programs like the CWA raised the hopes of the American people



* CCC planted over 200 million trees in an attempt to prevent another Dust Bowl.

* As governor, FDR had proved to be an effective, reform-minded leader, work-ing to combat the problems of unemployment and poverty.

* A period of intense activity known as the Hundred Days was launched. During this period, Congress passed more than 15 major pieces of New Deal legislation.

* Congress passed the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which authorized the Treasury Department to inspect the country’s banks.

* Many Americans returned their savings to banks.

*Congress and the president also worked to regulate the stock market, in which people had lost faith because of the crash of 1929.


* Stock-Market crash

* Economic decline

* Bankruptcy

* A time of panic

* The Great Depression