Beer's Law

By Marshall Stearns

Finding the Fault

Did the anesthesiologist give too much anesthesia

The lethal Concentration of anesthesia is 40% or higher. Too much can cause a persons lungs to collapse and die. If this is the case then we will have to look for these signs to prove the doctor at fault.

Lab Setup.

  • Colorimeter
  • Cuvettes with different known concentrations of anesthesia
  • Computer with Logger Pro

What to Do.

We have to use Beer's Law to solve the case by Comparing other known concentrations of anesthesia.

What we are going to use to find out the colorimeter to compare concentration the absorbency of the light. After that we will compare the absorbency of Our Aunts solution to find the concentration.

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After finding out that our aunts concentration was 60%, we have to think that this may have been what killed her.

To fully prove if this killed her we would have to look at the way she died, If she died from a collapsed lung then that would be solid evidence that the doctor was at fault.

How to make a solution

If you wanted to make a ten percent solution then you would have to add 90 ml of water then add 10 ml of your solute, so out of a 100 ml total 10 of them are the solute.

This is the basics of make certain % of a solution.

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