The Cold War

By Gavin Waple


Containment was the policy that the United States and other NATO forces followed. Containment entailed that they would contain Communism in the countries that it was already in, and not let it spread any more.

The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain was the "curtain" separating the non-communist and Communist countries. It was a very common term that people referred to during the war.


Senator McCarthy created a Communist scare in the United States. He accused many of being alleged Communists, even those who held an office. Because of this scare, McCarthy created a Witch-Hunt, and people were being tried as Communists. However, he eventually lost political support, and died in 1957 from Hepatitis.

The Berlin Airlift

Russia wanted control of the city of Berlin when Germany was split into sections. To ensure absolute control, they blocked off roads and canals. However, the United States wanted the citizens to have their supplies. In order for them to do this, they dropped them from the air.

The Cold War

What was the Cold War? The Cold war was a very long-lasting war between Anti-Communist Countries (NATO), and Communist Countries. NATO stood for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. After the Soviets discovered this, they created a pact with all the surrounding Communist countries. All the countries involved in NATO were Anti-Communist, and were trying to prevent the spread of Communism. However, the Communists were spreading Communism to surrounding countries. Even though this war was a very long war, it contained very little fighting, given the amount of years it took place.


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