World Issues Research

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The password is on your Gdoc notes!

Use key search terms to find information on your topic. Add more than just your topic. For example, look at all the suggested search terms that come up with Global Warming. Use the databases to find specific support for your opinion on your world topic. Remember, it is always good to give both sides of an argument!

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Gale sorts resources by type

So you can look through academic journals, magazines, and even watch videos on your topic. Remember that anything that could be in print, is considered a print resource (ie magazines, ebooks, journals.) Audio and Video will not count as a print resource.
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Once you've found an article you like....

You can use the citation tools on the right hand side of the screen to grab the MLA citation.

Explora Database Secondary

You can find world issues and sort by time relevance in the Explora database.
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Gale Research in Context

Find great reference material on your topic in Gale Research in Context. This will give you lots of good general facts and background knowledge.
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Get Citation

Get your citation at the bottom of the article! Copy and paste into your GoogleDoc!
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Remember we are color coding your sources!

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Creating a Works Cited/ Bibliography

Citing Sources with Easy Bib Google Add-on
With the Easy Bib Google Add-on, creating your works cited is a breeze! Just manage your citations in the Easy Bib add -on and when you are finished, add your Bibliography to your Googledoc! Easy Bib automatically alphabetizes it for you! However, if you are copy and pasting citations from Gale, you'll have to put them in alphabetical order with the rest of your sources.
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How to Create Topic Outline