The Israel Times

An Introduction to Israel

Israel, is a country located in southwest Asia. It's main religion is Judaism or basically most the population are Jews. Israel is pretty populated with 3 big cities that have a big population. Israel is really big in agriculture.

What's happening in Israel

Facts about Israel

What is Israel like today? Israel has more than 90% of people living in urban areas. The largest cities are Jerusalem, Tel Aviv-Yafo, and Haifa.

What crops do they grow in Israel? They grow crops like citrus fruits like oranges. They also plant tomatoes, and other vegetables.

What is the climate like in Israel? The climate is very warm. Their winters are also very mild.


Silt-small particles of rich soil. In Israel they have rich soil to plant all their crops. Their are areas where there's more rich soil than others.


Moshav-Settlement in Israel where people share property and also own private land. These are mainly in Israel. Moshavs also originated in Israel.