World's Fair

Students Replicate Exhibits from the 1896 World's Fair

The Fair

The World's Fair at Prairie Middle School was an amazing sight to see. All of the beautiful projects, some even with various "special effects" such as lights or sound, filled the library media center with a sense of awe and a sight of beauty and hard work. The projects were amazing and informational, and fun at the same time, giving people a chance to learn without feeling like they were, which is a big attraction for most teens. Anyone who walked in could have told how hard Prairie's 8th grade students worked on these projects. Personally, I know everyone worked hard on their projects and they turned out wonderfully! It was a wonderful experience in all.

The Best In Show

The Radio

In my opinion, project number M313 on the radio was the best project at the fair. It was informational and interactive at the same time, and even provided the fair with some wonderful music. It was attractive looking and drew attention from every corner of the room. Personally, I liked that the group added an element of media (aka the music coming from a radio) to their project. The use of space was good but there could have been less white space, and the elements of information were mounted on double pieces of paper, which always looks better in my opinion. The little details such as those and the little sparkles on the title show the care and pride taken in the work done. All in all, it was a project that everyone enjoyed, and that is all that matters!