Will you go with annexation or not

by justice ecker


The reason you should join annexation

i am for annexation because During world war 2, the use of annexation deprived whole populations of the safeguards provided by international laws governing military occupations and all the u.s. would pay Texas debts and provide defense u.s. interested After declaring their independence from the republic of Mexico in 1836, the vast majority of Texas citizens favored the annexation of the Lone Star Republic by the United States The leadership of both major American political parties, the democrats and the whigs strenuously objected to introducing Texas, a vast slave-holding

Who was against annexation

The Philippines didn't want to be a part of the USA. Remember, territories have to apply for admission to the Union, and the Philippines were overwhelmingly in favor of independence, just as they had been ever since the Americans replaced the Spanish as the colonial power
The USA was simply too racist back then to allow Philippinos representation in the US Congress. The population of the Philippines in 1945 would've made up more than 10% of the American total population were the Philippines incorporated as a new state - American racism could've never allowed such a thing neither did these states they left right at the union here where the 11 states are Election of 1860 South Carolina ,Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina ,Texas, Louisiana , Tennessee
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