Women & Children on the Goldfields



In the early 1850s sometimes there where less women than men on the goldfields.Even some children came to see there dad.Even women where mineing also some women sang to there husbands.Even some where shopkeepers and some even dreest like men.


Even women were mining, also some women sang to their husbands. Some were shopkeepers and some even dressed like men. There were alot of famous women on the goldfields there was one famous one called Marth Glendinning. She was left behind when she went with her husband George Glendinning, then her and her sister went 95miles to Ballarat and they opened a store. Some woman put alcohol under the table so that troopers didnt see. Alcohol was band on the goldfields. Some women stayed at the house to take care of the children.


Children moved schools often.Parents kept moving to find richer goldfields. Often there was no schooling because there was no school built. Schools were made from tents.The roof was made of a canvas material.


Children on the goldfields are very dirty and never washed their hands so they died. Hundreds of children died because of rotten food. Many children also died because of the old, muddy water they had to drink. People died from whooping cough,measles and other diseases because there where no hospitals. Cemetaries were set up to bury the dead. Women helped other women to give birth.