Granger School Weekly Newsletter

Feb. 5-9, 2018

Quick Reminders/Planning Ahead

Mon. Feb. 5 FFA Meeting 7:00pm

Fri. Feb 9 - 100th Day of School

All Valentine fundraiser orders due Fri. Feb. 9th

Wed. Feb. 14 Wear Red Day (Heart Health Awareness)

Lion Baseball T-shirt Orders due Feb. 15 at noon

Thurs. Feb. 15 School Board Meeting 6:30pm

Sat. Feb. 17 Father/Daughter Mother/Son Dance 6:30-9:00pm

Wed. Feb. 21 All Sports Booster Club Meeting 7:00pm Student Center


3rd grade mock staar tests:

Math-April 10

Reading-April 11

Prom will be Saturday, March 3, 2018

City Wide Garage Sale Saturday, April 7

Don't forget:

*Instagram: Follow the school yearbook @ grangerlionsyearbook

*Students have access to eBooks!

***Please check school website and Dojo for date and time changes, as it may not have been given at time of publication.

Lunch Menu

Monday: Frito Pie

Tuesday: Spaghetti

Wednesday: Chicken Nuggets

Thursday: Chicken Crisptos

Friday: Cheeseburger

Heart disease is the #1 killer of men and women in the United States. (CDC 2017) Have a heart, educate yourself.

It's Complicated...

Fiction is made up stories. Simple, right? Noooo. It is a general term, like dog. We all know a dog is a dog, but comes in different breeds. Well, fiction is fiction, but comes in different breeds, or genres rather. You have historical, realistic, adventure, horror, fantasy, dystopian, and romance. Oh, and to make it more mysterious, mystery. Don't forget Science Fiction.

It gets better. We have folk tales, fairy tales, and fables. They are not the same thing, though easy to mix up. To make it more confusing, you find the them in the 398's in nonfiction section. But wait! Nonfiction is true, right? Ugh. How do you teach this stuff?

Fiction is usually read to be entertained. Nonfiction is usually read to learn something. There is a lot to learn in nonfiction. Procedural text will teach you how, expository will give you details, persuasive will help you make a decision. It can go on, but we will stop there. The point is made. It's not simple. The next time your student declares they need a book, see if they can tell you what "breed". Enjoy the confused look on their face. You're welcome.

Can you tell the difference?

Folktale: a story with no known author, passed down by word of mouth. Characters learn a lesson. Example: The Talking Eggs A Folktale from the American South

Fable: Teaches a moral lesson and usually has human-like animals. Example: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Fairy Tale: Has magical elements and takes place in a imaginary setting Example: Cinderella

I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

Repeats Worth Repeating

Raising Fundraiser Awareness

*Senior Class Kona Ice Sales are 3/6, 4/3. All of these are the first Tuesdays. Time: 3:00-5:00

*Lion baseball T-shirts on sale until February 15 at noon

*Ongoing Fundraiser: SHOPPING!

School name: Granger School

School ID#: 192787

+++Family Book Store on home page and Caring for Classrooms donations count towards student's earning prizes. Merchants purchases raise money for the entire school but will not count for student's Prize Thermometer. All proceeds benefit the school.

Happy Birthday!


Mary Avila 2

Jennifer Cundieff 4

Lyndsey Reed 8

Eric Johnson 9

Amber Thorsen 21


Third Grade Mock STAAR Tests

Math-April 10

Reading-April 11

Renaissance Testing Dates (Reading & Math Progress Monitoring)

4th Nine Weeks 03/05/2018- 03/30/2018

End of Year 04/23/2018 - 05/11/2018

STAAR, EOC, and Finals Testing Dates:

April 10 & 11 4th Writing and 5th Reading and Math

May 7-11 EOC Exams

May 14 and 15 3-6 STAAR Tests

May 22-24 Finals Week


High School OAP dates are as follows:

Clinic Feb 17th

Clinic March 2nd

District March 8th

Bi-District March 21st

Sports Schedules

~Your invited to the sporting events and to share the excitement and support for the hard working Granger ISD Students and Coaches!~

Boys Basketball

Feb. 6 Home vs Mumford

Feb. 9 Home vs Holland

Feb. 13 @ Thrall

Feb. 19-20 Bi-District TBA

Feb. 23-24 Area TBA

Feb. 26-27 Regional Qtrs. TBA

March 1-3 Regional vs New Braunfels

March 8-10 State Tourney vs San Antonio

Girls Basketball

Feb. 6 Home vs Mumford (Senior Night)


Thurs. Feb. 22 Taylor JV 8am

Fri. Feb. 23 Taylor V 8am

Wed. Feb. 28 Vs. Rogers/Florence in Taylor 8am

Fri. March 9 Cameron V 8am

Thurs. March 22 Taylor JV 8am

Friday March 23 Taylor V 8am

Wed. March 28 Academy V 8am

Mon. April 9 District V Thrall 8am

Tues. April 10 District JV Thrall 8am

Wed.-Thurs. April 18-19 Regional - Corpus Christi 8am

Thurs.-Fri. May 17-18 State Texas A&M 8am


Thurs. Feb. 22 Somerville Practice Meet (JH & HS)

Thurs. March 8 Thrall Tiger Relays

+++Thurs. March 15 Chilton Pirate Relays #1- during Spring Break!+++

Thurs. March 22 Bruceville-Eddie Relays

Thurs. March 29 Chilton Pirate Relays

Wed. April 4 District Track Meet at Holland

Wed. April 16 Area Track Meet

April 27-28 regional Track Meet at A&M

May 11-12 State Track Meet at UT

*Remember to check school website and Dojo in case of any last minute changes due to situations beyond GISD control.

The end is nearer than you think:

Students & Parents: Please be sure you (your student) do not have any unfulfilled obligations. It's not nagging, really. It is a gentle reminder to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Possible obligations: laptop insurance, bills carried over from last year, lunch bill, lost books or other borrowed items, FCCLA fees, club dues, athletic dues. Your understanding is appreciated.

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