By: Daniel, and Xander


Mesopotamia means "Land Between the Rivers" in Greek. The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers are located in Mesopotamia. They had no natural barriers to protect them from enemies.
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The water levels from Tigris and Euphrates would rise and fall depending on the amount of rainfall they get. They build irrigation canals that helped flooding and droughts.

Writing Languages

Writing was created to keep track of business records. Mesopotamia used Cuneiform as there language. They wrote on clay tables with styluses.
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Political Systems (Government)

They had political units called city states. Mesopotamia had 282 laws. Hammurabi, is the king of Babylon. Social Hierarchy was created to separate socialites classes or ranks.


They created wheeled vehicles like carts and wagons. They had ziggurates ( pyramid shaped temples). Catalog of animals and plants. They had structures, epics, and Gilgamesh.
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Judaism is a small group that started around the valleys of Mesopotamia. Monotheistic believed in one god. 95% of the population of Mesopotamia is polytheist. They had Ziggurats to warship the gods.