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Bulloch County Schools Online Resources: (Volume 1; Issue 1)

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Suggestions for Learning Beyond the Classroom

Learning happens everywhere--even at home!

Principals, Teachers, Media Specialists, Paraprofessionals, Custodians, and all staff members from each of Bulloch County's schools miss their students! They know that staying home is the safest thing for everyone to do until the COVID-19-Coronavirus has been contained. Even so, they want students to continue learning. Although no work will be required or graded while we are all at home, each day offers us an opportunity to be curious, make discoveries, and add to our knowledge and skills. Below are a few ideas to get you started!

Continue Reading!

Reading is one of the most effective ways to help you learn.

Read! Reading is one of the most powerful things you can do to help improve your overall academic performance. Read out loud to someone or have someone read to you. Read at least 20 minutes a day.

Soar into Literacy with SORA

All of Bulloch County Schools' students have access to online books through our digital reading mobile application, SORA. Students can access SORA online and on mobile devices and tablets through the SORA app (after installing the free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store).

Follow these steps for accessing SORA online:

  • Go to SORA online, select your school by choosing Bulloch County School District.
  • Use your child's Google email/Google account to log in.
  • If students do not remember their email address it is their first two initials, last name, and the first three digits of their student number, which is also their lunch account number, then For example, if a student's name is Jane Doe Smith and her student number is 12345, then her email login for SORA would be

Follow these steps for using the SORA app:

  • Install the free app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
  • After opening the app, find your school by searching for First District RESA Shared Digital Collection.
  • Tap on the This is my school button.
  • When you see the Select your school dropdown menu, choose Bulloch County School District.
  • As above, use your child's Google email/Google account to log in.

Reading & Writing Resources


FreeReading is a free, high quality, open source reading program that contains activities and intervention materials for the early literacy skills. Researchers, teachers, reading coaches, and other professionals created and submitted research-based lesson plans, teaching tools, and other materials that users may download and use for free.

PBS KIDS Writers Contest

Due to recent school closings, Georgia Public Broadcasting has extended its deadline for the PBS KIDS Writers Contest to April 10th. The contest encourages Georgia kids in kindergarten through 3rd grade to submit original, illustrated stories for great prizes and a chance to be featured on the GPB website. If the story incorporates science, technology, engineering, arts or math, it is eligible to win the STEAM Award.

Parents may download a PDF resource packet that contains a series of resources to help students break down the process of story writing. The packet includes a teacher’s guide with printable documents to help aspiring writers with brainstorming, revising, illustrating and caption-writing.

Get Reading with myON

Get Georgia Reading and Renaissance are partnering to provide readers free, anytime/anywhere access to digital books and news with myON. Unlimited, 24/7 access makes it easy for students to continue reading and learning at home. Students can read online using any Internet-enabled device, or read offline with free mobile apps.

  • Go to to login and start reading.
  • School Name: Get Georgia Reading (type the first few letters and select from the drop-down menu)
  • Username: bullochcounty
  • Password: read
  • Click the Sign In button and start reading!

Math Resources

Georgia Department of Education's Remote Learning Activities for Mathematics

The Georgia Department of Education Mathematics Team has over 1300 curated resources (in a PDF) to support teachers, students, and parents as they embark on the journey of teaching learners remotely. These resource are organized by grade/course and instructional unit aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Georgia Curriculum Frameworks for Mathematics.


Algebra2go is a free collection of pre-algebra and algebra related study materials designed to address the affective dimensions of student learning. Professor Perez and his favorite student Charlie have five primary types of study materials to help visitors to the site:

  • class notes
  • video worksheets
  • video lectures
  • practice problems, and
  • practice quizzes

PBS Learning: Probability with Dice

Chances are middle school students will enjoy exploring probability. Parents interested in helping their children become familiar with numerical descriptions of how likely events are to occur should take a look at the Probability with Dice video resource from the Math at the Core: Middle School Collection from Georgia Public Broadcasting. This video lesson focuses on charting the sample space for rolling two dice and then calculating the probability of rolling an 8 using the charted sample space. Support materials (downloadable handouts) are also available.

NCTM Illuminations

Illuminations is a project designed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) that offers the highest quality standards-based resources for teaching and learning mathematics, including interactive tools for students. The site contains:

Science Resources

Frontiers for Young Minds

Frontiers for Young Minds provides a collection of freely available scientific articles by distinguished scientists that are shaped for younger audiences by the input of their own young peers. Articles cover topics related to:

  • Astronomy and Space Science
  • Biodiversity
  • Earth and its Resources
  • Health
  • Mathematics
  • Neuroscience

Check out the site's Collections. Centered around a single theme of research and hosted by researchers, all articles within Collections are freely downloadable and available as an eBook upon their completion.

Science News for Students: Free Resources

Science News for Students has free articles, activities and more for at-home learning. Every week, the site publishes articles about current events and recent science research, all written in a kid-appropriate way. The site is a program of the reputable Society for Science & the Public, an organization dedicated to public engagement in scientific research and education. This rich resource for learning features:

Scientific American: Bring Science Home

Scientific American's: Bring Science Home site knows that science starts in the home. This resource is full of fun science activities, which parents and their kids ages 6-12 can do together with household items in just a half hour or less.

Social Studies Resources

Big History Project

Big History Project is a free, online Social Studies course that emphasizes skill development as students draw mind-blowing connections between past, present, and future. When students use this site parents can expect to see impressive gains in student writing and critical thinking. This resource delivers a big picture look at the world, and helps students develop a framework to organize what they’re learning both in and out of school. Students will have a better understanding of how we got here, where we’re going, and how they fit in.

Smithsonian's History Explorer

Smithsonian's History Explorer is a website developed by the National Museum of American History that offers online resources for teaching and learning American history. This resource allows parents and teachers to filter content by grade, resource type, historical era, and cross-curricular connection. Resource types span from Artifacts (selected from the Museum's more than 3 million items) to Lessons/Activities to Interactives/Media, and the 10 eras include Beginnings to 1620 and 1968 to the Present.

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress should be every student's first stop for exploring Social Studies. As the largest library in the world, with millions of books, recordings, photographs, newspapers, maps and manuscripts in its collections, this resource delivers the best of America's past and present. A well-designed resource is bound to exist for nearly any subject being explored and everything is totally free. To get a feel for its offerings, dive into the Digital Collections.

Pre-Kindergarten & Toddler Resources

Visit Georgia Pre-K at Home!

Click the button above for activities to engage children in learning at home. Updated daily, activities include storytelling, screen-free activities, outdoor fun and virtual field trips.


CoolKindergarten is a simple way to play free, online games that are hand-picked just for kindergarten students. When kids start on the site's home screen they can choose the main activities. Kids may choose from:

PBS Kids: Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum

Prekindergarten students will enjoy Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum, a PBS KIDS series based on the Ordinary People Change the World books. This resource follows the adventures of Xavier Riddle, his sister Yadina, and their friend Brad as they travel back in time to meet real life historical figures when they were kids. Video clips, teaching tips, and historical figure biosketches support students’ social-emotional, literacy, and social studies skills. Parents may learn more about the series and find full episodes, digital games, and home activities at the Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum website.

Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards

Bright from the Start: Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning is pleased to offer a variety of supplemental resources to support early learning programs in implementing the Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards (GELDS). Parents are now able to find activities and resources to support home learning by visiting the Supplemental GELDS Resources webpage.

Physical Education

Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, & Dance Resources

The Georgia Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance (GAHPERD) is jumping in to help. GAHPERD is giving teachers, students, and parents the health-related resources they need as everyone moves to an online learning format. GAHPERD's COVID-19 HPE Resources include:

Helpful Resources

AP Updates for Schools Impacted by Coronavirus

There is new information for High School AP Students affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). The College Board is:

Visit AP's Coronavirus update page to get all of the details.

Online Voice Recorder

For teachers who miss their students, your students miss you as well. Just hearing your voice would make them feel better. If you are using email to reach out to your pupils, consider using Online Voice Recorder to record and save an audio message for your students. This resource is a simple online tool that can be used right in your browser. It allows you to record your voice using a microphone and save your audio as an mp3 file. Afterwards, you can download your message, put it in Google Drive, and share a link to the audio. This adds a bit of flair to your email and will delight your recipients.