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Comparision:Tiong Bahru[Past]

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest areas in Singapore.It is Singapore's blast from the past. As you walk down the street,you will find places that you cannot find in singapore anymore. For example, shop houses and 4-storey apartment blocks are not that frequently seen in our urban metropolitan city. Below are interview results and a sketch of a place in Tiong Bahru. Thus making Tiong Bahru stand out from the crowd. Built in the 1930s, Tiong bahru was one of the first districts in Singapore to have HDB flats. They were built to improve the housing shortage in Singapore.

Comparison: Sengkang[Present]

Estimated HDB resident population

187 , 200

HDB flats under management

53 , 458

Sengkang was once a thriving port area, with fishing villages and rubber plantations being the mainstay of the economy of the region. Because of these features, Sengkang's name that literally means "prosperous harbour" in Chinese is quite justified. Today Sengkang HDB estate has a young and prosperous residential estate. This residential area comprises almost 40,000 residential units, most of them being apartments and flats. Over 138,500 people reside in these modern residential units, with the numbers expected to increased . Equipped with almost all the modern facilities needed for modern urban lifestyle, Sengkang HDB estate is one of the best places to settle down in. Shopping centres, sports complexes, and world-class restaurants are some examples of the ample entertainment opportunities present in the area. Security and law enforcement services also toil hard to keep the region trouble-free. increase .voluminously in the coming years..

GI Group Investigation: Housing



.Muhd Zikry

.Luqmanul Hakim

.Fong Li Hng

.Alyssa Hoon

.Krittika D/o Nagaragan