Lyme Disease

Corey Baldwin

How it is Spread

It is spread by people going outdoors, and they get a deer tick on them. Then the tick bites them and that is how the tick gets its food. The disease goes through the blood stream after 24 to 48 hours if the tick doesn't get removed.

Possible Cases

In 2012 there were 92 possible cases in Iowa. In Pennsylvania there were almost 5,000 cases. In the United States there were 22,000 possible cases.


The symptoms of Lyme Disease are a bulls-eye like rash and flu symptoms which might include fever, chills, and body aches but the main symptom is a bulls-eye like rash.


Some people have died because of Lyme Disease but it's only because they didn't notice it right away or someone did a bad treatment on it. There were 15 deaths in 2013. Lyme Disease can have a long term effect on your joints that have been bitten by the Deer Tick.


To help prevent Lyme Disease you can wear long pants and a long sleeve shirt when you are hiking, hunting, or in the woods in general. Also you can cheek yourself. The ticks are really small so look hard. If you do have a tick on you take is off right away.


To treat Lyme Disease you have to take the ELISA test and that will show you where the tick has bitten you and where the blood is that is effected. Then the doctor will try to take the blood out of your body. There are also some prescription drugs you can order from your local pharmacy.


In 2013 there were 300,000 possible cases of Lyme Disease in the World.

Other Disease like Lyme Disease

Other diseases like Lyme Disease include Colorado Tick Fever, Heartland Virus, and Rocky Mountain Fever.

Where in Iowa

Most of Iowa has Lyme Disease except Mideast has very little.

March is Worst

March is the worst time of the year for people to get Lyme Disease. Around 32 people get Lyme Disease in Iowa in March. On the other hand in October only 19 people get Lyme Disease in Iowa.


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