ATTENTION:Don't Go Outside at Night

Count Dracula seeking to turn humans into vampires.


Luisana Guevara - Mrs. Dennis - 7th period

Maddy Schreiber - Dr. Runyon - 5th period

Maddy Schreiber 1:

Beware of "The bloofer lady." The woman walking around that is praised for her beauty, and married to Arthur Holmwood recently showed symptoms that are un explainable. After a night out on the town Lucy severally suffered from blood loss, causing her color to fade and become a super pale white has been suspected to also begin to sleepwalk at night. She recently was moved into the hostpital and was given four blood transfusions from several people including; Holmwood, Seward, Van Helsing, and Morris. All of these transfusions failed and unfortunately she lost her life due too this indescribable sickness. The men decided that is was in everybody's best intention that they burry her. However, the next morning they went to go visit Lucy and she had been somehow "alive"." They suspected that her body looked healthier and more alive than it had looked while she was sick in the hostpital. Her teeth had become very pointy,her eyes turned red and her color began to rise from her cheeks again. She is considered to be the first victim of Count Dracula's vampirism and certainly not the last.

Maddy Schreiber 2:

The most iconic townsmen in this community is the one and only Count Dracula. This ringleader is the countries most evil villain. One would not want to get on his bad side. His hundred's of years experience, super human strength and mind reading is not to be messed with. He can shape-shift into the form of a wolf and a bat, he has no casts no shadow,no reflection in mirror and hypnotic power over his victims. He solely survives off of the blood of others and is potentially immortal. If anyone was too see this evil creature one might say that his eyes are blood shot red and his teeth sharper than nail. He dresses in all black and has no soul. Although he has his limitation's, he repels to garlic and holy symbols , he losses his supernatural powers during the daylight hours and may not enter households unless he is invited into them. This "man" is extremely powerful physically and emotionally, he basically controls the mind, power, money and people of Transylvania. His characteristics and ability to destroy everything he touches will leave one terrified and cause one to question all man kind.

Luisana Guevara 1:

Mina Murray is a very close friend of Lucy Westenra. After spending a lot of time with her she saw many symptoms that showed how Lucy is becoming a vampire. She noticed that Lucy was sleepwalking a lot during the night. Mina noticed that Lucy was very pale but she just thought that it was because she was ill. Mina also noticed three pecular marks on Mina's neck. Mina has a message to share to the public: "Be careful if you notice people looking ill and sleepwalking!" Mina also shares that her husband Johnathan Harker was very worried after leaving Count Dracula's house. Jonathan Harker says that Dracula's appearance looked a lot like Lucy's with the pale skin and pointed teeth.

Luisana Guevara 2:

Johnathan Harker experienced living in Count Dracula's castle with the creepy Count himself. Dracula is known to have a lot of the symptoms that a vampire has. Harker said that his time in the Count's castle was the worst time of his life. He was always terrified and paranoid, and he spent most of his time in his room because that is where he felt safe. The crucifix and the garlic protected him. He noticed that Dracula does not have a reflection and he is very pale and scary. He noticed that Dracula has communication with the wolves. Dracula was awake and moving during the night and he slept during the day. Johnathan shared of this to warn the public.
Bram Stokers Dracula - Vampire Lucy