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Pest-proof Your Workspace

Messy workspaces can attract unwanted pests so be sure to pest-proof your workspace before leaving for the summer.

  1. Take home any unused snacks or foods. If you leave food in your workspace, including any food-based art supplies, be sure to secure it in a hard plastic container with a snap-tight lid.
  2. De-clutter your workspace. If you haven't used it within the past year, get rid of it.
  3. Store materials/supplies in hard plastic containers with snap-tight lids; not corrugated cardboard boxes.
  4. Remove stuffed furniture. It can harbor an abundance of allergens and dust mites & makes great nests for mice and other rodents!

Avoid Overloading the Garbage

  • Don't discard books & other heavy items in the garbage. Leave them near the trash can in a box marked "garbage."
  • Use several small boxes to collect paper for recycling.
  • Obtain another garbage can if the container becomes full to prevent injuries to those individuals who normally empty the garbage/recycle containers.

Moving Supplies and/or Furniture

Protect yourself from being injured while moving supplies & furniture by following these simple safety tips:

  • Analyze the Load. Get help for heavy or awkward loads or divide heavy loads into several smaller loads to reduce the weight.
  • Use mechanical devices, i.e., a cart, dolly, or hand truck, whenever possible.
  • Use Your Eyes. Check the path you will take for any obstacles that could get in the way. And, make sure you can see over the load.
  • Warm Up. Stretch your legs and back before lifting anything.
  • Don't rush. Pace yourself and take small breaks between lifts as needed.
  • Use proper body mechanics. Bend & lift with your knees, not your back; keep the load close to your body; & avoid over reaching, stretching & twisting.

Ladder Safety

  • Don't use a chair or desk as a substitute for a ladder regardless of the height of the task! Take time to get a ladder if you need to extend your reach.
  • Inspect the ladder before using it for signs of damage or excessive wear .
  • Don't position a ladder in a traffic area, passageway, or in front of a doorway.

  • Fully open stepladders & lock both spreaders.

  • Face the ladder & use both hands while climbing. Don't carry tools/materials in your hands while climbing up or down a ladder.

  • Maintain 3 points of contact (2-hands & 1-foot or 2-feet & 1-hand).

  • Don't lean. Keep your body centered between the side rails.

  • Never stand on the top step of a stepladder or top 3 rungs of an extension ladder.

Have a SAFE Summer Break!

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