Marianne Esche and Samantha Taylor

Answered Questions About Snowboarding

When were the ancient Olympics first held?

-In 776 BC

Where did the ancient Olympic games take place?

-Olympia, Greece

Why were the ancient Olympic games put on?

-The Olympics were put on in honor of Zeus

List and describe the sports/events that were held in the ancient Olympics.

-Discus, Equestrian Events, Javelin, Jumping, Pankration, Pentathlon, Running, and Wrestling

when were the modern olympics first held?


What city hosted the first modern winter Olympic games?

-Athens, Greece

What city was last to hold the winter Olympics Games?

-Sochi, Russia

When did Snowboarding start in the Olympics?

-Snowboarding was introduced in the winter Olympics in 1998 in Nagano'

Give a Historical background of your sport.

-Snowboarding was discovered in the 1960’s in the US.

-Snowboarding combines skiing, surfing and skateboarding.

-By 1980, snowboarding became a nationwide sport.

-In the late 1970’s snowboarding started to take over ski resorts.

-By the 1990’s ski resorts accepted snowboarding as an activity.

-United States had its first national championship in 1982, and hosted the first world championships in 1983.

-Snowboarding was introduced in the winter Olympic Games in 1998 in Nagano.'

What are the rules for Snowboarding?

-Basic Snowboarding rules are written to protect snowboarders, and other riders. A snowboarder has to remember to stay out of the way of other snowboarders. It is important to stay inside boundaries. While riding in front you have the right of way where as the person in the back does not.

Describe what the athlete would have to do to prepare themselves for Snowboarding.

-Olympic athletes train year-round for their moment in the spotlight. And although the sports of the Winter Olympics are as varied as the countries represented, Olympic athletes use some common training techniques to excel in their chosen sport. Here is an overview of the sports that make up the Winter Olympics and the training methods used by the Olympians.

Name 3 famous people from snowboarding.

-Seth Wescott

-Philipp Schoch

-Shaun White