Richmond Light Infantry Blues

500 block north 6th Street in the Plaza of South Concourse.


The statue is 10 feet tall and solid bronze. it is holding a Springfield rifle and wearing his Blue's uniform. The soldier is a memorial to the National Guard United. The Blues fought in six wars. They got their name from there uniform and it never changed. The Springfield rifle in the picture shows that they were always ready for a battle or crisis. The shako hat was part of the uniform that protected them from things flying at their skull, but also shaded their face. It usually had a symbol or badge over the visor. In this case the badge was a depiction of their flag that they all wore to identify themselves has Blues.


The dedication for the Richmond Light Infantry Blues was on December 20, 1987.


Historical Importance

The Blues have been serving in wars for 200 years including the War of 1812, War Between the States, Spanish-American War, Mexican Border Campaign and both world wars. They volunteered for any accident or when they might be needed. Also they were an official military unit.