Angela Kisler

Community Conscientious

A Prominent Position

As a Chamber of Commerce member, Angela Kisler enjoys the chance to network with business leaders and firms throughout St. Experienced real estate professional Angela is proud to be a member of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce, an organization that provides her the opportunity to continually connect with both business owners and companies throughout the region. Louis, and to be a more active part of business community.

Angela Kisler - Versatile

An amateur painter and passionate arts enthusiast, Angela looks forward to any opportunity to visit a local art exhibit or museum, and to participate in art-related events throughout the local community.

A busy business professional and dedicated philanthropist, Angela finds the perfect venue for relaxation, catharsis and artistic expression in a variety of activities. She is considered a very athletic individual, someone with a considerable level of agility, endurance and physical aptitude who is capable of tackling even the most challenging of athletic activity. A passionate patron of the arts, as well as an active athlete, Angela is always seeking ways to expand her horizons and maintain a good balance between her professional and personal lives. As a violinist, Angela continues to express a strong interest in music, and is actively involved in music-related programs and events on a monthly basis. As an athlete, she works hard in the maintenance of a healthy body and a clear and focused mind, things that afford her the chance to provide a formidable challenge to anyone she’s competing against.

Angela Kisler is also someone of considerable artistic talent, having developed into quite the skilled violinist and oil painter. An ardent runner and cyclist, she also keeps herself fit, in shape and prepared to participate and compete any number of athletic activities, including the completion of marathons.

As an athlete, Angela Kisler is passionate about keeping her body in shape and her mind sharp, requisite qualities needed to be successful in any sort of sports competition.

Making a Difference

It is Angela's constant desire to make a difference, show compassion and help those in need that have motivated her to begin plans on a new nonprofit organization; one that will serve as a source of awareness and support for victims of stalking, harassment and abuse. Keller Williams Reality leader Angela is a well-established and successful member of the local business community, having quickly earned the reputation as on the area’s top real estate professionals. An experienced public speaker and former victim herself, Angela plans to collaborate with other nonprofits to raise awareness of the issue, as well as to provide a voice to victims through participation in public speaking events. By staying true to a client-focused philosophy, and dedicating herself to the focus and the work needed to best fulfill every client’s needs, Angela has become a sought-after local source of real estate services and expertise; an invaluable ally and representative to many throughout the local community..

A successful business professional, Angela understands the unique position business leaders are in when it comes to making a difference within and throughout their local communities, one reason why she is constantly striving to lend a helping hand, or to make a donation, to programs, projects and people in need. Actively involved in such community outreach programs that help the homeless, feed the hungry and promote the value of fair trade practices, Angela Kisler is always searching for ways to leave a positive and tangible imprint in people’s lives, and she hopes that others will leave a lasting impression on her life as well, enriching them both.
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