Party Planning Committee

Laser-tag v.s Bowling

Pete's interests...

*Pete is a boy, turning 13 years old*

  • hanging out with friends/having fun with friends
  • battlefield 4 (video-game)
  • Bowling is a childhood memory
  • Good food (i.e. pepperoni pizza, 7up, chocolate cake. e.t.c.).

Larry's Battlefield (Laser-tag)

It costs $300 for the "battlefield". Then it is $5 per person attending party (30 at minimum, 50 at maximum) and $3 for food for each kid. Also you can pay an extra $10 for a special gun for the birthday-boy. It also costs $50 to rent an improvised fighting vehicle.

The menu of Larry's Battlefield is:

  • Cheese pizza/Pepperoni pizza/Vegetarian pizza
  • Crazy bread+Merinara sauce
  • 7up/Pepsi
  • Chocolate cake&brownies&cupcakes

Barry's Lanes (Bowling)

It is $100 for each lane (Pete needs 4 lanes). There is a kitchen for $150. It costs $5 for each kid (30 at minimum, 50 at maximum) for the food and the bowling shoes. To rent a bowling ball used by Michael Schmidt, a Canadian world's leading ten-pin bowler it costs $70

The menu of Barry's Lanes is:

  • Hamburgers/Hot-dogs
  • Fries
  • Orange/Apple juice
  • Vanilla Cake/cookies/cake-pops


Let "k" represent the number of kids attending Pete's party.

Guest attending:

MINIMUM: 30 kids

Larry's Battlefield = $600

Barry's Lanes = $770

MAXIMUM: 50 kids

Larry's Battlefield = $760

Barry's Lanes = $870

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I think that Pete's parents should spend their money for Larry's Battlefield for the following reasons...

  1. It has most of Pete's favourite foods.
  2. Larry's Battlefield costs slightly less than Barry's Lanes
  3. Pete would have a blast with his friends playing laser-tag
  4. Most importantly the party will be EPIC