Henry's Class News

September 2015

Welcoming fall and changes in the classroom.

This week was full of changes with a new teacher in the classroom, the season, and the issuing of the MacBooks. It was a great week!

We have begun exploring our MacBooks and some great programs. There are still a few technical difficulties for some students but we are working on that. Many students have been able to download books into their iBooks application and we are working on getting additional sites set up for them to use. I will send home a list of websites that we are using once we have one finalized and then we will continue to build on that.

Field Trip

We will be attending a field trip on Friday, October 2, to the Coterie Theater. We will be watching "The Miracle Worker". A permission slip went home today, please sign a return on Monday. Students will need to bring a sack lunch or purchase a lunch from the cafeteria that day as we will be eating lunch on the bus.

The City of Ember- ELA (English Language Arts)

We finished our first classroom book today! We were also able to watch the movie to compare and contrast the two. They were so different. Many of the students downloaded the second book in the series, The People of Sparks, into their iBook. I will be interested to hear how many read it and move on to books 3 and 4 in the series.


We have been talking about matter and its qualities. Next week we will get some hands on experience finding mass and volume, as well as exploring physical and chemical changes.

Today we began an experiment using green mung beans and made predictions as to how they will grow over the weekend in different mediums; sand, soil and water. We drew in our science journals and will follow up on Monday to add the actual results.

Supplies Needed

This coming week we will also start a sweet potato experiment. I am in need of 4 sweet potatoes. Please email me if you can provide these for the classroom. We are also going to be adding some aquatic animals and plants to the classroom. If you have a small aquarium sitting around that you want to loan to the classroom for the year, please let me know. I am wanting to fill the room with LIFE. I will be out this weekend at Longview Lake to try and catch some crayfish for the classroom. They are really interesting to observe and the kids always enjoy them.

Shoe boxes and empty cereal boxes are needed as well.

Contact Info

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

My email is: ahenry@bsd124.org