By Adrian Abonce & Caleb Pesta , Hour 3, 3-29-16

what is a Blizzard?

A blizzard is a storm with driving snow, strong wind, and intense cold.

Weather Conditions During the Storm

some weather conditions during a blizzard are strong winds, a large amount of snow and little visibility.
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For a Blizzard to accur there must be large amouts of snow, 35mph winds, visibility must be under 1/4 of a mile, and all of that has to happening for at least 3 hours for it to be considered a blizzard.

location and timing

The upper midwest and the great plains but it occurs in the most areas in the country.

Safety Percautions

During a blizzard make sure you know how to use your fire place. have a fire extinguisher in case of a fire also have emergency items such as a phone, batteries, and tools. Put survivor kits a your car in case you are in the middle of the blizzard and get stuck.

Severity of the Storm

The united states defines a blizzard as a storm with winds if more than 56 km (35 mph) for at least three hours and enough snow to limit visibility of 0.4 km or less.
As severe blizzard has winds over 72 km/h (45 mph), near zero visibility, and temperatures of -12 C (10 F) or lower. in Antarctica, blizzards are associated with winds soiling over the edge of the ice plateau at an average.