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Fifth Grade• 3rd Trimester •2017-2018

Inspection Worthy Mistakes

Inspecting student mistakes can be a very powerful learning experience. Through discussions about mistakes, each and every student can benefit. Not only can mathematical content be enhanced, but discussing mistakes offers the opportunity to critique the reasoning of others, which is one of the Standards for Mathematical Practice. So, how does one determine whether a mistake is deemed "inspection-worthy?" Mistakes that seem universal among many students, mistakes that are in line with the lesson's goal, and mistakes that do not align with the problem's context should be discussed during class. If the mistake represents an opportunity to engage students in reasoning about key mathematical ideas, it is inspection-worthy. To read more about this, please click here.

Alien Numbers

Looking for an engaging mathematical activity as the end of the school year approaches? Consider introducing this rich mathematical problem, entitled Alien Numbers, to 5th graders. Here, students need to analyze a picture number system and determine how it is made up to extend the sequence, beyond the numbers provided. Students can access the entire picture number system, 1-50, or even just a portion, such as 1-20, and extend it to given specifications. For more ideas on how to introduce this problem, and for the activity sheets, please click here.

Incorporate Growth Mindset into your summer reading list!

Changing the way we talk to our kids is one step towards helping to reinforce the message of a growth mindset. Another is to read books to kids with stories that convey a similar message.

Click here for a list of fourteen books that let kids know it’s OK to not at first succeed, that failure and challenges can be viewed as opportunities rather than dead ends, and that determination often results in a far better outcome than being perfect.

Thank you for reading and have a happy and healthy summer! :)

Have any questions, comments, or great ideas to share with your fellow 5th grade teachers – please email me, or your building Math Specialist. “It's amazing what we can accomplish when we're in it together."

Ashley Connors

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Navesink Elementary School

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