Family Heritage

By- Amelia Kirt


This presentation is about my family heritage and about the Northern Lights Chpt. 12 and how immigrants came to the U.S.

Dads heritage

- Going to their cabin was really fun for my dad because he got to be free and go anywhere to fish

- Loved going out onto the lake because he loved fishing when he was younger

- Parents let him go to town on his bike. He loved this because like I said he likes being freed from his parents

Chpt. 12 heritage

- build house, because when they came they would need to live somewhere

- Women would work for laundry mills to make money for a living

- Labor was short so kids at 12 were made to work because of the shortage of workers

Here are some Pictures

Simmularites and Differences


- The immigrants and my Grandparents both came to get new land

- Both came to start or get a new life for the family

- Came both for work and more money


- The kids at age 12 were made to work and now my dad first job was when he was 16

- Women then we're on lying working as maids of in the mills and when my Grandma worked she was a shop keeper

- There was minimum wage as much as $1.25 and now when my dad works and makes a salary .