Fidel Castro

By: Logan Major


Fidel Castro was born near Birán, Cuba on August 13, 1926. He was from a wealthy family since his father was a sugar plantation owner. Fidel was a smart kid and pitched for his school's baseball team. He went into law school at the University of Havana and became interested in politics. In 1947, Castro joined a group that attempted to overthrow Trujillo but they failed. In 1958, Castro led multiple successful military campaigns and started holding territory in Cuba. In 1959, he finally overthrew Batista, who was in power, and took control of Cuba. Castro stated to implement many new reforms in Cuba's government. He started ending the United States' dominance over Cuba. He was repeatedly called a communist following the Soviet's platform but he denied this. This was justified because Castro increased his relations with the Soviets. In 1961, Castro broke all ties wit the US. In 1962, the US imposed a full embargo on Cuba. Also, Castro allowed the Soviets to set up their nuclear missiles in Cuba. This was the most intense part of the cold war and it was mostly due to Castro. Luckily, no misiles were shot and World War III was avoided. In the late '90s, Castro's health started to decline. In 2006, Fidel Castro stepped down from power due to his health and gave the power to his brother Raul.

Visual Element

Fidel Castro shares his political ideology, 1959: CBC Archives
In this video, Fidel Castro tries to appeal to people in other countries as well as defend his own. He says that he has support within the US and Canada. He likes the people of the US but disaggrees with some of their polititians. He denies being a communst and he just wants the people to live freely and be happy. He wants an idealologist government to take over Cuba.

Letter About Fidel Castro

Dear Juan,

Fidel Castro has been president for about 10 years now. In 1960, right after he gained power, he turn our government upside down. He wanted closer economic ties and also had programs to help the poor. In 1961, he invaded the US breaking ties with them and cemented ties with the Soviet Union. He allowed the Soviets to station their nuclear missiles in our territor and help there almost be a World War III. Then he tightened his grip on Cuba, most likely killing the people who opposed him, while also gaining a tight embargo by the US. I do not think he is doing a good job. If he keeps it up, Cuba will lose all their ties and we will end up rotting away.

Sincerely, Francisco

Essential Question

How does Fidel Castro campare as a leader to Mao or Stalin?