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October 19th, 2018

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to meeting with you in the coming weeks for parent/teacher conferences. If you have not signed up yet, please use the Sign Up Genius below to do so.

We had an excellent week!!! I am especially proud of the amount of work students did in reading and writing. And I felt like a rock star when I was able to get my students to rotate through all four stations in math centers in one day. This hardly EVER happens!!!!

In writing, students worked really hard on revising and editing their stories. We started out the week adding transition words to their writing pieces in order to help smooth the flow of the story. Then, as you might have seen on Seesaw, students had to complete a thoughtshot in each scene of the story. A thoughtshot shows the readers what the character was thinking, dreaming, reflecting, imagining. Finally this week we worked on exploding a moment in their stories which means to pick a part that they want to tell in slow motion. Really detailing the event that happened.


In reading, students are analyzing characters in the stories they are reading. This week they practiced making connections with characters, making predictions and revising their mental image of a character. Each of these skills is assessed by completing an assignment for me in the reading journal or on a little half sheet of paper. I love giving students the chance to talk about the book they are reading with their partners. In life, who doesn't love finding a friend who is reading or has read the same book? Here are some great samples of student work for the reading reflections this week. Click on each to enlarge. Strong readers make connections, empathize with characters, make predictions and revise their mental image of a character as they get to know them better.

Book partnerships

It sure is awesome to be able to talk about a book you are reading with a partner.


Science News

This week in science we had a great discussion about Newton's law of physics. Students observed a Newton's Cradle to see the reaction or transfer of energy. It was sooooo cool to hear their thinking! I'm so lucky to have been a part of it. Click below to watch the video in slow mo.

Spelling news!

This might be the best news yet. Wait until you see the results of this week's spelling test compared to last week. While most kids said they studied more, some proudly told the class they didn't study at all but did well. I responded with that being luck. And they won't always get lucky. So study! Study! Study! My class cheered wildly when they saw the results for this week. I was giddy as could be while grading the tests. I felt a little odd getting so excited over it. But I guess that's the life of a teacher. LOL.

Math News

Your child is bringing home his/her first math unit test along with the scoring rubric. So I always feel that test taking is new to this age, and they need to have a chance to look back at a test to fix mistakes/silly errors. You will notice red pen on your child's test. This indicates that they fixed or tried to fix mistakes. In most cases they are successful, but when they aren't, this tells us that they haven't yet mastered the skill. I graded the test first in purple. Then I gave it back to fix in red. Then I look it over again to see if I need to change any original marks on the rubric. Hope this isn't confusing. I just think it's also important for kids to learn from mistakes so they don't make them again on a future test i.e. trying to solve triple digit subtraction in the head instead of stacking and solving on paper.

Growth Mindset

I have been reading about student motivation as well as brain research and learning like I'm taking a college course!!!! I am fascinated by what I am learning and so excited about the plans I am making for this year's class. It's going to blow their minds when I reveal what I am researching and planning to try this year. All in the name of student autonomy.

Here is the next parent article from the growth mindset book. Mindsets in the Classroom by Mary Cay Ricci. I love what Dr. Carol Dweck says about shielding children from challenges, mistakes and struggles. I have been using a lot of this lingo in my classroom, and I feel like it helps me be a better teacher and helps students to learn resilience.

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