The 6 Traits of Writing

Cate Morgan

6 Traits of Writing- a photostory


  • Try to pick a topic that interest you and that fits your assighnment
  • Include details such as facts, statistics, and examples
  • Ideas is a big part of prewriting


  • When organizing a paragraph during prewriting your topic and conclusion sentence should always be green
  • Main ideas should always be yellow
  • and all the details should be red or pink


  • Speak in a voice that engages the reader and wanting more
  • Show rather than tell

Word Choice

  • Use specific nouns and verbs
  • Use exciting adjectives and adverbs

  • Use a thesaurus

Sentence Fluency

  • Combine choppy sentences to make large and smooth ones
  • Use a verity of sentence length
  • Use simple, compound, and complex sentences


  • Use evaluation sheet to revise
  • Edit using C.O.P.S.

The Writing Process

The writing process is a tool to help you write a paper or an essay.


Come up with a bunch of ideas that interest you then pick one.


Use a T table to prewrite after you pick a topic.


Write or type your first draft. It's O.K to make mistakes because it's you first draft.


Break down your writing. Find out how many words in a sentence you have and any good vocabulary words.


Find your changes and mark them down on your document or paper.


Make the changes you made in revision final.


Share your writing with other people.

Write Tools

Use these tools to complete the writing process.


Use a t-table to organize your prewriting and ideas.

Core 4 Topic sentence

Use one a topic sentence that falls under the category of declarative, interrogative, nuber, and simple statement.


Use transition words every time you start a main idea sentence.

Main Idea Sentence

When using a t-table main idea express well the main idea and when you highlight they are yellow.


Details express more about the main idea and when highlighting on a t-table they are red or pink.


Conclusion end your paragraph when using a t-table conclusion are green along with the topic sentences.