Hero Happenings!

Hellstern Middle School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2019-2020 Issue 17, December 2nd, 2019

Springdale School District Attendance Policy

Please remember that the district's attendance policy allows no more than seven (7) absences per semester. If you take your child to the doctor, bring us a note and we will document the illness. We have three weeks left in this semester.

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Meet Our Heroes!

Every week we want to introduce you to fabulous Heroes that work at Hellstern. We have some of the best teachers and staff in the world and can't wait for you to get to know them!
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Upcoming Dates


2nd - Progress reports go home

3rd - EAST Night Out (6:00-7:00pm)

5th - Band students rehearse at HBHS (12-3pm)...please do not check band students out

5th - Band Concert @ HBHS PAC (7pm)

6th - Caroling on the Creeks Night 1 (5:30-7:30pm): HMS performs @ 6:50pm

9th - Choir Concert @ HBH PAC (7pm)

10th & 11th - MAP Testing for 7th grade English classes

11th - MAP Testing for 6th grade English classes

13th - Club Day!

13th - Caroling on the Creeks Night 2 (5:30-7:30)

13th - HMS Football Banquet @ HMS (6pm)

16th - MAP Testing for 6th grade Math classes

16th & 17th - MAP Testing for 7th grade Math classes

20th - End of 2nd quarter

23rd-6th - Christmas Break

Classes resume on January 7th

Athletics Calendar


2nd - Boys Bball vs. KMS @ George JHS (5:30pm)

2nd - Girls Bball vs. KMS @ Central JHS (5:30pm)

5th - Boys Bball vs. SMS @ CJHS (4:30pm)

5th - Girls Bball vs. SMS @ LJHS (5:30pm)

9th - Boys Bball vs. Elmwood @ Elmwood (5:30pm)

9th - Girls Bball vs. Elmwood @ CJHS (5:30pm)

12th - Boys Bball vs. Woodland @ CJHS (5:30pm)

12th - Girls Bball vs. Woodland @ Woodland (4:30pm)

16th - Boys & Girls Bball vs. HTMS @ HBHS (4:30pm - two gyms)


6th - Boys Bball vs. Shiloh Christian @ SC (4pm)

9th - Boys Bball vs. Fulbright @ Fulbright (5:30pm)

9th - Girls Bball vs. Fulbright @ CJHS (5:30pm)

13th - Boys Bball vs. Oakdale @ CJHS (5:30pm)

13th - Girls Bball vs. Oakdale @ Oakdale (4:30pm)

16th - Boys Bball vs. SMS @ LJHS (5:30pm)

16th - Girls Bball vs. SMS @ CJHS (4:30pm)

20th - Boys Bball vs. Bentonville Lincoln @ Lincoln JH (5:30pm)

20th - Girls Bball vs. Lincoln JH @ CJHS (4:30pm)

23rd - Boys Bball vs. Washington @ CJHS (5:30pm)

23rd - Girls Bball vs. Washington @ Washington (4:30pm)

27th - Boys Bball vs. Siloam Springs @ SS (5:30pm)

27th - Girls Bball vs. Siloam Springs @ CJHS (4:30pm)

30th - Boys Bball vs. Ramay @ CJHS (5:30pm)

30th - Girls Bball vs. Ramay @ Ramay (4:30pm)


3rd - Boys Bball vs. Kirksey @ Kirksey (5:30pm)

3rd - Girls Bball vs. Kirksey @ CJHS (4:30pm)

6th - Boys Bball vs. KMS @ CJHS (5:30pm)

6th - Girls Bball vs. KMS @ GJHS (5:30pm)

10th - Boys Bball vs. Lingle @ CJHS (5:30pm)

10th - Girls Bball vs. Lingle @ Lingle (5:30pm)

13th - Boys & Girls Bball vs. HTMS @ HBHS (4:30pm two gyms)