Okanagan Explosion

By Ryan Birch Block: G

The Development of Early Agriculture

- The earliest reports of the Okanagan was to enhance the size by early cattle raising.

- The main supplies of fruit were in Canada.

- The Valley had perfect sites for orchard field because of their good soil and drainage.

- In 1857 the first fruit tree was planted.

- Growers would bring fruit to the five warehouses to store fruit so it would be safely.

- Machinery was introduced to the fruit products in 1921.

- A major Revolutionary cultist J.W. Huges got the great business of ranching in 1928.

What are the importance of the Okanagan Explosion

I believe the growth of the Okanagan valley was because of it's early agriculture, this is because Ranching played an Important part growing into what it is today. One major point while this city was in development was there was a lot of fertile soil and drainage for ranching areas to build their orchards. Acres of land was given to the public/ other farmers to build off the ranching goodness and more. The people of the Okanagan were the main fruit supply and also had one of the most coverable ranches owned by Mr. George Whelan. At the starting of the 1890's, this was the time of the fruit bet and starting to introuduced to the southern interior so they could start up a large ranching production to share through out the whole lot of British Columbia.

Role of the Okanagan Fur Brigade Trail played in Agriculture

This trail was used a easy way to transport fruit and other kinds or Ranching up and Down the trail from the Okanagan Valley to the southern interior. Cattle ranchers would transport these up and down the valley at the time but this was just the beginning to start transporting fruit cattle and more.Cattle was mostly the biggest one around their at the time because it was one of the easiest to transport up and down the valley but it did not take up as much time as fruit where they did have some issues before but now they would of used it to bring huge amounts of settlers to come check out what ranchers would have in stock and where they can find out where they would get it from.

What was the impact of the early Europeans on the growth and development of the Okanagan Valley ?

I believe that the impact of early Europeans was because of the 4 major things that went on while this Valley developing into something that you can never imagine. The 4 major points that created the Okanagan were missionaries, miners, ranching and early agriculture, these key points were the way to create the valley also using 4 resources to travel the valley itself. one of the settlers in the okanagan was George whelan, this guy was one of the most famous ranches and the first to create a commercial ranching business. George had over 3000 acres of land which he would give to public ranchers to create their own orchards/farms. since George had one of the biggest orchard projects he made his own apple cider which was given out to the public to try them self.

2-3 Interesting facts

- George Whelan lived in the Okanagan valley for 54 years and is buried in Ellison
-Before George moved here he lived in New Zealand for 5 years looking out for the gold discovery
- The Whelan family plot was in pioneer century

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