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Classroom Assessment Builder Now Available

The Classroom Assessment Builder (CAB) version 1.0 is now available for grades 3-8 and end-of-course subjects. As a reminder, the CAB is an online tool within the Nextera platform that allows teachers to build and customize classroom tests for students that are aligned to state standards. Please note that the recently released 2016-17 TNReady items are available within the CAB. Additional details about these items are available in the "In Case You Missed It" section.

We appreciate the educator feedback that we received during the community preview period of CAB in the fall, and we will be able to make many improvements over the coming weeks. Specific enhancements that are made to the CAB will be posted in the “What’s New” section of the Nextera Admin page and under "CAB Resources" on an ongoing basis.

Users can log in to access the CAB here using Nextera accounts—this process is outlined in the previously shared CAB User Guide (here). Any teacher who is currently scheduled in EIS as a teacher of record for a tested grade/subject will have access to CAB. These teachers were sent emails from with their login credentials on Nov. 1 if they were not previously in the Nextera system. Building test coordinators and administrators can also add teacher user accounts to the CAB system.

Several CAB training resources, including a user guide, tutorials, and a recorded webinar, can be found here.

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  • If you create a group (class), you cannot delete it --you can rename it, add/remove students, but you cannot delete it --- it also makes you have at least one student in that group to save any changes. So, if you create a group to give a "fake" test too -- you will have one student who has to remain in that group, no matter what and they will have the fake test in their testing list until the test expires ( it will still be in their list, but it will be grayed out and not be able to be chosen)
  • A teacher cannot go back and change the assignment dates of the test --they have to duplicate the test if they need to change their testing window --then BOTH tests will still be in the student bucket--they will need to make sure they distinguish the new test by name.
  • You can create a test, edit the name, edit test items, but you cannot delete the test --you can archive it. If you assign it to a group, there is no way to unassign the test.
  • Cannot share tests