About the virus

rubella virus is one of the togavirus, it was found by Thomas Huckle Weller and PD Parkman, they found this virus in the saliva of the patient. the virion of rubella virus is Polymorphism, the size is about 50-85 nanometer, it has peridium, and it contains RNA which it's Relative molecular mass was 2.6—4.0×106. the virus will be weaken if in hot conditions, it will be killed if stays in 56 celsius for 30 mins, and 37 celsius could kill it in 1.5 hour.

Cause of disease

1.origin of infection

the rubella virus is a RNA virus, and the reproduction process is lysogenic cycle, and it is able to reproduction in offspring, and the virus could live in many animals, but only human will have the diseases.

2.the ways of infection

the disease was mainly transported by priming, and it could also transport by human body connection, the virus could infect offsprings, and cause them to born early, Congenital malformation, and the most dangerous situation could be death.

3.people that could easily infected

rubella disease usually happen on the children which is 5-9 years old, it usually happen during the spring and winter, and this place are the most common places for the disease: school, day care, army and other places has a large group of people